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  1. "We belong dead." The last words of Frankenstein’s monster when his Bride rejected him. Now she’ll stop at nothing to bring him back. This time, the Bride of Frankenstein is stepping out of the shadows and taking her fate into her own bloody hands. The mate will have her monster. And the monster his mate. Enter the tower ruins where Frankenstein’s monster pulled the lever to bring down the walls and destroy him and his Bride. Recoil in horror as she tries to bring him back at any cost, honing her diabolical genius one harvested body part at a time. Don’t get caught between her and the Brides of Dracula, who she captures and drains in hopes of reanimating her love.
  2. Not sure I understand this, how is it a female focused event? What are you considering that 50% or more of the event is geared towards the female population? Billie and Sabrina? Hate to tell you, BUT the hard core fans have been upset for awhile now BUT most understand that the HHN of old is long gone!
  3. Is it that time again? Will this be a BIG 30th Anniversary, or just another year? What would you like to see?
  4. Phantasm Hellraiser Friday the 13th (other than the NLC versions) The Fly It (Remake) Little Shop of Horrors Bioshock Little Nightmares Doom The issue is, a lot of the older more popular/top rated IP's have been done. You'll have to rely on newer stuff that's coming out. I love Zombie movies, but let's face it.. it's all the same thing other than the story. I still prefer original over IP's, but the general public wouldn't come in masses for that and bitch how the event sucks.
  5. 9:00 PM Depths of Fear - 35 min Ghostbusters - 45 min Graveyard - 45 min Yeti - 30 min Stranger Things - 85 min Universal Monsters - 50 min Us - 75 min Killer Klowns - 40 min Nightingales - 40 min 1000 Corpses - 60 min
  6. 8:00 PM Depths of Fear - 15 min Ghostbusters - 45 min Graveyard - 35 min Yeti - 20 min Stranger Things - 65 min Universal Monsters - 35 min Us - 45 min Killer Klowns - 35 min Nightingales - 10 min 1000 Corpses - 25 min
  7. I think this year's show was MUCH better than the last two. Is it better than the first year, House of Fear? It's pretty close. However, I do agree and still believe AoV belongs on the main stage out in the park. People that knock it, just can't seem to grasp the fact that B&T is gone. Maybe you'll get your peace next year for the 30th, but that show ran it's course sorry to say.
  8. It's definitely an end of an era. He's been a staple of Universal Studios and HHN for a long time. We're glad he's moving on to a new challenge and it'll be great for the new park! HHN is in good hands though, and has changed a lot since Aiello started with it. We wish him the best of luck and was always a joy to see him during the event and chat!
  9. No, I haven't heard of one for this year. I think those days are over, unless they surprise us for 30.
  10. 1. Social Media 2. Over-Saturated Blogs, Vlogs and Podcasts that cover the event.
  11. Not allowed at all, and you would be escorted out if caught. Media are the only ones allowed to video/photograph inside the houses and you wear credentials for that so they know.
  12. Academy of Villains returns in an epic experiment of mind and body. Man’s true nature is dragged out into the dark, gothic streets of anarchy. This wickedly talented group of artists is back for an all-new performance featuring a killer mix of visionary dance and extraordinary theatrics in the Fear Factory Live Stage!
  13. For UOAP holders it'll open for preview on September 4th at 9:00am.
  14. I just want to say, if GOT was being considered.. I'm totally glad stuff got leaked, because it shouldn't have a place at HHN!
  15. I agree. 2016 was a great show by AOV, 2017 was good but would have loved to see what it should have been. Last year, was just OK. As you said, nothing against AOV, but that was just not their style. The Stadium setting wasn't what made the show popular, it was AOV being AOV in an outside environment with the crowd participation. Put them back outside, and let them create their own show and shorten it to about 20 minutes.
  16. You mean you don't follow us on Twitter and Facebook? Or just go back 2 pages (page 68).
  17. Graphics, Gambit does that! Information, it's out there! That's all we can say.
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