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  1. On 12/5/2022 at 4:07 PM, HHNGuy27 said:

    Will we be able to change our profile pics and wallpapers in 2023? What about the number of our posts? Will that still increase?


    Also, will a spec thread for HHN 33 be added when the time comes or will the 32 spec thread be the last one?


    Everything will remain the same as far as profiles.  We'll evaluate HHN 33 when that time comes! 

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  2. On 11/29/2022 at 2:54 PM, pumpkinbot343 said:

    Whenever I try to look up stuff in the archived section (ex: the keyword Freddy) it shows zero results. Why is that? 

    Are you trying this for a specific forum? I've tried a general (everywhere) search for "Freddy" and got various results, even from the archived areas.

  3. We are keeping that open, so feel free to add to it, or discuss.  You should be able to post in there.  Only areas that you can't are anything under or marked archived.


    The music lists will eventually make it over to Discord, and another plan we may have for it. 


    As far as moving anything to IU, that would have to be discussed between us and them.

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  4. 11 minutes ago, pumpkinbot343 said:

    Before this closes for realz, any way the Japan forum was archived? I can’t find anywhere else on the internet if there were reviews of the houses but I do remember them here.


    Following marked Archived.

    - HHN Singapore

    - HHN Japan

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  5. They were pretty dead.  Posts were very rare! The past two HHN's the forums pretty much died off.  Most members moved on to Discord and/or the IU forums,  We kept everything updated here, but that's just what happend. 


    Instead of just having a bunch of dead topics, we made the decision to close them.   I'll re-add them for the archive! 


    Discord isn't bad once you get used to it and get passed the learning curve.  We're working hard to make it user friendly and listening to feedback.




    Re-added the Hollywood forums with the archive for years past.

    Added HHN 2023 forum along with a Spec thread for those still here.

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  6. Thanks everyone for the kind words! It's hard to close them down, but the upkeep for the little amount of traffic we have is a tough decision!


    Discord will now be our official home for discussion, HOWEVER, I'm considering on keeping a few areas open.  I still encourage everyone to join us on Discord @ discord.gg/hhn!


    EDIT:  I'll leave four areas open for posting. 

    - Music of HHN

    - HHN 32

    - Artist Showcase

    - Your Nightmares


    Everything else has been archived and non-postable! 

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  7. ***NOW AVAILABLE*** 
    No one escapes their fate. "Sir Henry's Haunted Tales" is finally available for purchase! You can grab it on Amazon to get delivered right to your door. Own the origin stories, and bring your copy to get signed when you visit us in Plant City! We offer a limited quantity of signed copies on our website and will also have limited copies at our gift shop when you attend our event.







  8. 1067788972_bmword.webp.a5e0a232eeaee4d8c580f4571593ce50.webp


    The Miklos are a wealthy, eclectic, aristocratic family descended from Romanian immigrants. But they carry with them a secret heritage, they believe that they are direct descendants of Vlad the Impaler. In honor of their daughter coming of age, and to feed their hunger, the Miklos are throwing a grand ball. Their pale appearance in contrast with their ruby red lips, along with their pointy teeth neatly filed, gives an allusion to their alleged distant vampire ancestor. Luring guests into their cellar, they trap them and use a variety of homemade devices to sypher blood from their victims. They bottle the excess blood in vintage wine bottles to overt suspicion. Tucked away in the deepest darkest part of this cellar is a beastly creature who feeds on the remains of their drained victims. A defective gene in the family line that only blood can activate, this creature is the core of the family. Will you thwart the allure or will you become a bottled memory ready to be consumed?



  9. 255978652_nmtext.webp.286789176c8cf28635a50902c27df5d0.webp


    In a small town a cemetery worker notices graves are being dug up and left empty. After an investigation ensues, the constable discovers that the saw mill owner has been robbing graves and feasting on the bones of the deceased. To add to the horror, in the basement of his home, he's building a whole throne from the stolen bones. A disgusted and angry mob captures the sawmill owner and decide to hang him. In his final words, he vows to return and avenge his death! As soon as the noose drops, a flock of ravens descends upon his body and feast on his flesh. Now every Hallows Eve, when the veil between the living and the dead is the thinnest, he rises from the depth of darkness and returns to the town. With the help of his loyal ravens, he hunts the living to exact his revenge and finish his throne. The townsfolk have taken to calling him Sidious. Will you escape Sidious or will you become another bone on his throne?

  10. capsfur1txt.webp.b107517a540cd9c716a0e9bb8fc833ca.webp


    On the outskirts of Castlemoore lies a dark fishing town named Portsmouth. A young fishing captain is soon to be married to the love of his life, Abagail. But Captain Willem Jonah is soon sent back out to sea for work. When his ship falters in an unexpected nor'easter, the captain and his crew are believed to be lost at sea forever. In mourning and deep sorrow, Abagail seeks to end her suffering the only way she can think of: she jumps to her death from the lighthouse. Her ghost is said to be seen walking along the lighthouse balcony, looking for her long lost love. Many moons later an eerie fog rolls into Portsmouth. Soon, reports of mysterious murders and tragic deaths begin to swirl. Some claim that it is the ghost of the Abagail, but the old timers in the village know what the truth is. The captain has returned from the sea. Blurring the lines between living and dead Captain Jonah has come back for his love only to learn of her tragic death. In his anger and pain, he takes his wrath to the village who has caused him to lose everything. Bringing some of his crew from the sea back with him to carry out his revenge. Who is next to join him in the watery grave?



  11. 103090851_medresjflyerfront2021copy2.jpg.5e4ff4e128df4dd7ccb15da69c92e67e.jpg




    I-4's premier fear park! A one of a kind outdoor haunted trail totaling almost 1 mile in scares. Open select nights in October.

    Experience Halloween like never before at Sir Henry's Haunted Trail. We are a one of a kind outdoor haunted attraction featuring 3 high intensity haunted trails that total almost a mile in length. Brave your fears and see if you have the courage to face the legendary phantom Sir Henry. Open every weekend in October. We are located right off Interstate 4 between county line road and park road exits.





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