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Abby’s HHN Inspired Looks?


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Hi friends!! So this is only my second year attending HHN, but since I have the privilege of having a boyfriend who is a reserve and whose best friend is one of the stilt performers in Ghostbusters, I’m so happy about being able to go to all 27 Friday-Sunday event nights this year!!


Because I’m uhhh a freak (but also who isn’t on this forum) and I really enjoy color aesthetics, I’m setting out to do some kind of creative look, mostly through makeup, in celebration of this year’s event when I go. I have some color palettes in mind, but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if you shot some cool HHN-inspired color ideas my way for me to work with!! Houses or streets, past or present, it really doesn’t matter! Just wanna have fun!


As I go, I’m going to try and post as many as I can here. I’m so thrilled about this year and want to express my love any way I can. Again, toss out some ideas if you think it would be cool to see represented!

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