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Shaun Of The Dead


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Newsagent's Entrance

The main building is small, and seems deserted. A fallen bicycle lies right next to the door, and some missing posters of people and pets are hung on the doors. Right next to the bicycle, is a smooshed Cornetto cone, the ice cream now liquidated due to the heat. There isn’t much else decoration wise besides a car with a bullet hole in it’s windshield. You then enter inside the building.


Newsagent Store

The room is small and cramped. To the left is a counter, with various news papers about a strange virus spreading on it. There’s also some change. To the right is an opened freezer with a bloody handprint on it. Right next to it is a large puddle of blood with skid marks on it (bloods just painted onto the concrete). You walk past a janitor's closet, and you can hear banging and groaning coming from within. Nothing comes out from the door however, as you exit the room.


The Flat’s Entrance

You then enter back outside, and it’s still empty. Various abandoned cars litter the streets, several with blood stains at the hood. In the center of the room is Shaun’s flat, the gate left open. Right next to the gate is a bloodied soccer ball. As you are about to enter the house, a Zombie Bum scares you from your left, holding his hand out for some change. You enter inside the house.


Living Room

You then enter inside of the living room, and it looks like a pigsty (mostly from Ed). empty beer cans litter the floor, and a cheeto covered controller lies on the table. The T.V is currently playing a News Report about the outbreak. Suddenly, a One Armed Zombie Groom emerges from a nearby door, grabbing at you with it’s one arm. You run towards the next room.



You then enter into a small bathroom, and you see that you’re not alone. Behind the closed shower curtain, there’s a figure standing there (projection). He doesn’t do anything, he doesn’t lunge out from the curtain, he just ...stands there. You enter into the next room.



You then enter outside, and it looks normal. There’s a stack of vinyls on the floor, and the sheds wall is broken. Right next to the wall are broken vinyls shattered to pieces. As you walk towards the exit however, Zombie Mary emerges from the left side of a bush. As you back away from her, the Zombie Brute emerges from the right. Both clawing at you, as you exit the room.


Saving Mum

You then enter into a small suburban neighborhood, with Mums house to the left. A crashed car is seen right next to a lightpost. On the floor is a large piece of torn flesh, and it’s still fresh. Suddenly, a Punk Zombie emerges from behind some bushes, and growls at you, as you leave the room.


Liz’s Flat

You then enter into a large yard. To your left is a huge apartment complex, with the doors and windows barricaded. There are several Zombie bodies on the floor, all with their heads beaten or removed. As you are distracted by the bodies, a Zombie Civilian will jump out from behind a tree, fresh blood covering it. You enter into the next room.


You then enter into the streets. Cars are abandoned, various storefronts have been broken into by looters, and various bodies litter the streets. As you pass one car, Zombie Philip emerges from the car window...but it doesn’t break. Instead, he just slams his hands onto the window, and might honk the horn for another startle. This will all be a distraction for another zombie to pop out from an alley, as you exit the room.

Winchester Entrance

You then enter in the larger area of the streets. Most of the signs of chaos from the previous scene are more noticeable, with the cars actually crashed into various buildings. In the center of the room is The Winchester, surprisingly not wrecked besides a couple windows broken. You can hear from behind the building Shaun trying to lure the horde away, as you enter into the building. However, a Zombie Horde will scare you from the left, making you run into the next room. (https://youtu.be/_qt9I2bLQrA?t=337



You then enter into a large room, that is in the middle of chaos. “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen can be heard blaring from a jukebox, and there’s a broken window to your left. By the window is David (actor) being eaten by various Zombies (half actors, half mannequins). They rip open his stomach and devour his intestines, as blood sprays onto you. As you are distracted by this, a Zombified Barbra emerges from a door and scare you, as you enter into the next room.


The Battle

You then enter into a slightly larger section of the bar, where various zombie bodies litter the area. From behind a counter, Shaun can be seen (arrow in head) shooting at various zombies with the Winchester shotgun. As he urges you to run, Zombie Pete emerges from a hole in the wall and snarls at you, as you exit the room.



You then enter into a dark cellar, where multiple wine cellars can be seen to the left and right. Right next to one, is Ed clutching at his neck bite (dummy), as zombie noises can be heard from upstairs. You then enter into the next room.



You then enter into the zombie covered streets (dummies), with most of them preparing to attack. In the center of the room is a HUGE tank, which has run over multiple zombies. A Zombie that is with the others lunges at you, but is quickly shot at by a Soldier, riddling it with bullets, as you exit the room.



You then enter into the final room, and it’s...small. The shed wall has been repaired with some duct tape, and a TV has been installed to the corner of the room. The TV is on, and is currently playing a fighting game. As you are distracted by this, Zombie Ed emerges from the darkness, but is quickly stopped by a chain around his neck. You finally exit the maze.

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