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Idea for a Slasher house!

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Slasher is a property I've been wanting to see come to HHN since the show first started in 2016, and I have a full idea for the house!



Slasher is an anthology whodunnit series on Netflix. It's a bloody, brutal, and fun show. It would be perfect as a house. Just like AHS in 2016 and 2017, it would be split into three sections for the three seasons.


Slasher: The Executioner (Season 1 Section)

The house would start here at The Executioner, with the facade being the Ingram house. We'd step inside and right into the first murder with blood on the walls and floor, the Executioner waiting in the doorway, and the baby crying in the chair. We'd then cut across a backyard and into the McBride house where we'd see Verna's corpse with her hands and feet cut off, and another Executioner scare. We'd then enter the forest where we get multiple Executioner scares and hear gunshots just barely miss us, then pass the dock that Brenda is drowned in, before entering the snake pit where Trent is killed. And finally we'd the ending of this section where we'd get a scare from the crazy cat-killing girl.


Slasher: Guilty Party (Season 2 Section)

We start off in the dark and snowy forest and upon is the We Are One lodge. To our left as we enter is Susan's frozen corpse. We step inside and it's chaos. Megan is screaming and reaching out at us as poison comes out of her mouth, and we continue through as we hear Glenn/Benny laugh crazily and chases us through. We escape the lodge and wind up back in the forest. We pass by the sona and see the bloody snowman. With that distracting us, the Camp Motega Killer scares from the other side with a chainsaw. We escape and head into the large storage room where we saw Renee going crazy and torturing Glenn/Benny, and another scare from the Camp Motega Killer as they're killing Noah with the jackhammer. Finally we pass through the tower, where if you look up you can see Peter's hung body, and one final scare from the Camp Motega Killer.


Slasher: Solstice (Season 3 Section)

We enter the apartment building and watch Kit as he gets murdered by the Druid. We then turn the corner and make our way down a dark neon hall where the Druid comes out of the doorways. We escape and enter the school, starting off in the classroom where we see the teacher cut open on the table, and the Druid comes out for another scare with the bloody sheers. We continue through the school and enter the bathroom where we see Cassidy being drowned in the toilet, and the Druid strikes his knife down at us from the vent. We exit the school and enter the coffee shop where the homeless man comes at us with the broken bottle, and we see Xavier on the floor with the bottle stabbed into him and the boiling blood, before another scare with the Druid. And finally we finish off in the boiler room where we see all the burnt corpses and Connor attacks us with his axe.


We exit the boiler room and enter a strobe-light mirror maze where all three killers attack us. And we then exit the house.


So, what do you all think?

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