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Inside the Mind of a Mad Man

Dr. Raymond Holmes

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So this topic will be updated throughout the up coming months with random sections of my story. Right now I will post a brand new section to my story follow by my introduction...

"I’m late, I’m late for an important date”

White Rabbit Alice in Wonderland (1952)

Raymond sat in his office humming a tune that came on the radio as he wrote in a medical file. Then there was a light knock on the door.

“Who is it?” Raymond asked as he placed the pen down and turned down the radio.

“It’s Charles. May I come in?” said the young ambulance driver, who waited patiently a few seconds to hear a response.

“Come in,” was the response. Raymond picked up the pen again and continued writing in the file.”

Charles entered the office and placed his hand over his chest catching his breath. He had ran from the parking lot to Raymond’s office because he was close to an hour late.

“Glad you can make it young man,” said Raymond. He didn’t even look up at Charles.

"I’m so sorry that I’m late. There was some kind of back up on the 312. I will make it up to you; I’ll do anything you ask.” Charles took a seat in the chair across from the doctor.

“Anything?” Raymond’s eyebrow raised in curiosity.

“Yes sir, anything.” said Charles

“First off your not in trouble for being late. It happens to all of us. Heck I was thirty minutes late today myself.” Raymond then continued in a voice that was notoriously monotone. “Just don’t let it happen again. Second your punishment, that you have volunteered yourself for, is to wash and wax both ambulances today.”

“Sure thing sir,” said Charles in his more than usual exuberance. He then got up and walked toward the door. He suddenly remembered something before passing through it, berating himself for his thoughtlessness.

“Oh before I forget. How was the funeral?”

“It was good. Thank you for asking.” Raymond placed down the pen once again and looked up. “Thank you for your support, I really do appreciate it a lot. By the way you want to see what my dad left me?”

“Sure thing,” said Charles as a smile came across his face. It was unusual for the doctor to share personal information. Much less to mention anything about his parents.

"He left me this.” Raymond pulled out from under the desk what appeared to be a spinal cord. “Isn’t it pretty?”

“Is that the real thing?” Charles had never paid attention to the medical diagrams, equipment, or models that were around the hospital. Although he thought this seemed a bit different than the others he’d seen.

“This real? Nah, it’s a model. It was given to my parents by the doctor who treated me after the car accident. Dr. Peterson showed my parents where my pinched nerve was and where I had a slipped disk,” explained Raymond. He held a serious face and looked down at the object the whole time.

“That is so cool. I bet it can go for a fortune on eBay,” said Charles in a sarcastic tone. “Well I must get to work, talk to you later sir.”

“You do the same.” Raymond went back to the file he had been working on.

An hour later Raymond closed the file and started to stand up. He had to go and talk to his staff.

“I did not have you support when I needed it. Well, I have your support now. Don‘t I Dad?” Raymond touched the tip of the spinal cord and walked out of his office.


A high-pitched, bloodcurdling, scream reverberated throughout the room. This was no ordinary scream; it was a scream as if somebody was in indescribable pain. All around the emergency room the staff stopped what they were doing and smiled as if the scream was like music to their ears. This unnerving scream came from the once lovely Samantha Lynn, who was now in the care of Dr. Raymond Holmes.

Samantha could not move a muscle, her hands and feet tied down to the bed with thick leather restraints. All she could do was scream as Dr. Holmes bloodstained hands grabbed the flat black bolt cutters and placed them inside her blood-soaked torso. One after another, Dr. Holmes snapped each rib from her spine. The sound was like somebody cracking there knuckles, each snap blood squirted from her torso all over the table and Dr. Holmes. After a few moments of struggling, Dr. Holmes finally severed Samantha’s spinal cord from her head.

The once screaming Samantha now lay at the table motionless as Dr. Holmes raised the backbone out of her bleeding remains. Dr. Holmes examined the backbone as blood trickled down each vertebra to form a large puddle of blood at his boots. Dr. Holmes acted like nothing terrible happened. Letting out a faint chuckle , a deranged smirk plays across Dr. Holmes face revealing his true emotions for a brief moment before quickly disappearing once again to form a hard straight line.

So why does Dr. Holmes perform these ghastly operations on innocent people? Underneath the cool and collected exterior of Dr. Holmes there lays a man who is filled with rage, horror, madness, and is ultimately a psychopath to the extreme. Most people don’t live long enough to find out what makes Dr. Holmes the man he is today. However, there are a few who have survived that know Dr. Holmes’ madness goes back to his teenage days.

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Raymond stepped in the cold damp room and walked as if he was floating on thin air and had a smile that would send chills down any insane person back. Andrea soon follows Raymond and held her arms close to her as she was cold, but also she was scared for her safety.

“Welcome to my office at Whispering Pines Sanatorium, now please have a sit Andrea as I look for something”, said Raymond as he look through the drawers.

Andrea did what Raymond told her to it, it almost seem liked he had a hepatize her into doing it. She soon realized his voice was changing, it was still monotone a tad bit but it was getting more cheerful. Andrea then looked around at her surroundings; the office had a red glow to it, due to a red lampshade that was used to cover the lamp. The desk was massive, in her eyes, it looked five feet long, and it appeared to be made of solid oak. The desk featured many carvings; mostly skeletal features’ like bones, feet, and a skull. Behind the desk stood two bookcases filled with miscellious medical books. On the other hand, between the two bookcases stood a glass display case and in it were spinal cords of all shapes and sizes.

Before she could get make out the names inscribed into the brass base Raymond let out “Its’ Showtime!”

“Come on Andrea its now time for you to see what I do in my spare time”, said Raymond as he sounded like a kid locked in a toy story overnight with no supervision.

Andrea followed him down a dark hallway that had rooms on either side. When she looked in she can see there were empty and the only source of light was coming from the moon. Raymond soon came to the room at the end of the hall it appeared to be an old emergency room at one time. Except in this day and age it would not pass health codes, due to the walls were covered in mold and the title floor was so dirty it would take a week to get all the stains up. It was then Andrea herd a familiar voice, it was Rebecca and Andrea could see she was strapped down on a stainless steel operating table.

“Raymond, you let me go now you son of a bitch”, said Andrea as her face turned red due to she was angry.

“Umm excuse me, did you just curse?” said in a way a parent would question there kid if they cursed for the first time.

“Damn right I did, now let me go and report your ass to the cops”, said Andrea as she used all her strength to break herself free.

“Oh you cursed again, so that means now you owe me fifty cents”, said Raymond as he held his hands behind his back as he was hiding something.

“Fuck you!” said Rebecca as she spitted at Raymond but missed his face by a mile

“BAM!” said Raymond, as he did not miss a beat and struck Rebecca kneecap with a wooden mallet.

Rebecca let out a loud scream, as she was not expecting it, nor did Andrea as she stood in the corner shaking.

“What the hell was that for?” said Rebecca as she started to cry. The tears soon dripped to the floor like rain drops.

“Cause I felt like it”, said Raymond as he stuck the other kneecap like a baseball player just hit a ball causing a homerun.

Rebecca now scared for her life let out a loud scream only to realize nobody would come to her rescue.

“Will you please be quiet? I’m trying to concentrate”, said Raymond as he pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket. He rolled it up and placed it in Rebecca mouth.

“Andrea, come here please and join me. I’ll guaranteed your going to have a lot of fun”, said Raymond who was still smiling.

Andrea did not know what to do, part of her wanted to run home and not see this man again. Yet the other half wanted to know more about this man because he no longer was a stiff doctor with a limp in his step. Nevertheless, she chooses to step forward into the light and saw the bone fragments sticking out of Rebecca skin.

“That’s my girl, now I know I made the right choice“, said Raymond.

“What choice?” said Andrea as she sounded like a kid who just was told they have to perform a speech in front of the whole school.

“Well from this moment on your going to be my new head nurse”, said Raymond as he started to clap his hands.

“Thank you sir, I’m honor. But why me?” said Andrea as she was lost for words.

“Now as head nurse you can help me with my newest patient”, said Raymond who acted, as he did not hear Andrea question and now went back to looking at Rebecca. Who was now blacked out due to all the pain she indoor within the last few minutes. “Hmmm I got an idea”

“What is your idea sir?” said Andrea, as she was feeling a little more comfortable around Raymond.

“Will I want you to take scissors off the plate and cut Rebecca tongue out”, said Raymond as he uncover the plate and the chrome medical instruments sparkled to life.

“Umm ok whatever you say sir”, said Andrea who still felt hepatize by Raymond and grabbed the shinny scissor.

Raymond then proceeds to take the handkerchief out of Rebecca mouth and tossed it to the floor.

“Are you ready Nurse Andrea?” said Raymond as he held Rebecca tongue out of her mouth.

“Sure am sir!” said Andrea as she now had a smile on face that looks like any typical person would have after there first kiss.

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