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As you wait in line, you can see various posters duct taped on to the rails. You look closely at them, and realize there missing posters. Some are missing people, whilst some are missing animals (Dogs, Cats, etc etc). All of there “Last seen” reports are located to various settings in the maze (Forests, Mountains, Submarine voyage, etc etc). You then finally see the entrance of the maze. It seems to look like a face, what species the face is you can’t tell. The face seems to be made out of newspaper. You look closely at the newspapers, and you see that there reports of incidents around the world (Hiker goes missing, Body washes up ashore, Man arrested for cannibalism, etc etc). You then enter inside the maze.




Forest (Bigfoot)


You are then transported inside a dark area. There’s trees lining your left and right, some wet with sap. The area feels semi hot, as you traverse the room. There’s a small sign to your left reading “Klamath River” (the area where the patterson film was shot at). As you walk around, you can hear branches creaking as something heavy moves around. You pass by a tree, and Bigfoot (actor) will come out from between there with a large branch. It swipes it at you, as you have walked into his territory. It roars in rage, as you exit the room.

Highway (Dover Demon)


You then enter into a large open room. You look down, and notice white lines painted on concrete. To your left and right, there’s small bushes. To your right, you see several cars passing by (lights going back and forth with sound effects of them passing by). You suddenly hear rustling from one bush. As you pass by it expecting a scare, the Dover Demon will come out from the other bush (torso animatronic). It doesn’t attack you, but instead gives you an ominous glare, as you exit the room.

Gas Station (Goatman)


You then enter into a well lit area this time, but it’s still night out. You see a small gas station near you. There’s a parked car next to a pump machine. The pump is left hanging, still dripping oil (water) onto the ground. There’s also some other liquid to, blood. You then see a body right next to the car. The body has an axe embedded into his chest, also leaving it into the car. The body then starts to wake up, and looks at you. It whispers out “Behind you…”, before falling limp again. Suddenly, the Goatman (actor) emerges from the darkness with an axe and bellows out at you. Before it can swing at you, you exit the room.

Hunters Shack (Skunk Ape)


You then enter into another forested area. The room basically looks the same as before (without sign), but there’s a new object here. To your left, there’s a small shack. The shack is disguised with overgrown moss, and there’s a small window on the door. In this room, you can smell something awful. It smells like rotting garbage. Suddenly, a loud roar is heard from inside. A gunshot is then promptly heard, as the shot lights up the window (strobe lights). You then hear a scream, then a sickly crack. The door bursts open, and a body flies towards you (actor jumping in the air timed with strobe lights). He hits the ground, as a Skunk Ape (actor) exits the shack. It’s chest and hands bloodied, as it roars at you and pounds its chest. You flee towards the next room.

Jungle (Kasai Rex)

https://cryptidz.fandom.com/wiki/Kasai_Rex (Yes, I know the cryptid is a hoax, but...it's a t-rex)

You then enter into a wet jungle. From above, you can feel the rain falling on you (water droplets every few seconds). Every so often, you can feel the ground rumble beneath you, as something massive moves around. You then hear a LOUD roar, making the ground shake some more. Suddenly, the Kasai Rex (puppet) pokes its head between some trees and tries to bite at you. You dash towards to the next room.

Backyard (Michigan Dogman)


You then enter into a highly different setting, a suburban backyard. A small house is in front of you, the lights turned out. You look down, and you notice wolf like footprints imprinted onto the grass. A small shed is to your left, and some trees are to your right. Suddenly, the Dogman (actor) bursts through the trees and snarls at you, saliva dripping from its snout. You then go into the shed for cover.

Shed (Beast Of Bray Road)


The shed is dark, cramped, and dirty. Cobwebs hang from the corners of walls, used tools hang from the wall, and various claw marks layed on the walls. For some odd reason, you can smell wet dog. Small droplets come down from the ceiling. You look up, and you see a snarling face in front of you (puppet). The droplets are saliva of the Beast, as it suddenly roars at you in fury.

Barn (Chupacabra)


You then enter into a slightly larger room than before. There are several dark pens to your left and right, various farm animal sounds will play out. You walk by the goat pen, and you just hear this awful death rattle from there, followed by growling. The lights on the pen turn on, revealing the body of a goat. There isn’t any blood on it, besides two puncture marks on it. On top of it is the Chupacabra (puppet) , snarling at you as you interrupted it’s feast (animatronic). It swipes it’s claws at you as you exit the room.

Bridge (Mothman)


You then find yourself high up. To your left and right are various beams, rust covers it. You look below the bridge, you see an ocean of water (projection). There are several cars parked on the bridge, some will turn on and honk their horn, giving a quick startle scare. This will make a quick distraction, as the Mothman (actor) swoops down above you(bungee), leaping on run beam to the next. You got to the next room.

Mountain (yeti)

You then enter into a very large room. This room is different than other rooms, as you are walking on a ramp. (fake) snow is everywhere in this room, coating it in white. As you walk around, you spot several boulders to your left and right. You walk past one, and a mountain climber comes out. He’s bruised and bloodied, and asks you to leave the area before”It” comes. A loud roar fills the air, as a Yeti (actor) comes out from behind him. The Yeti grabs the climbers head, and squeezes it. Blood spills out of the climbers mouth (blood capsule), as a sickening crunch is heard. The body drops to the floor, as the Yeti beats its chest and howls at you as you exit the room.

Camp (wendigo)


You then enter into another snowy area. To your left, you see a small campsite. There are several branches, forming what used to be a campfire.several half eaten bodies of campers lie the area, all half eaten. Suddenly, a Camper comes out from a tent. His lips are partially chewed out, and scratch marks line his face. He laughs maniacally, as he backs away from you. From behind you, the Wendigo (actor) emerges from the trees. It howls into the sky, as you run to the next room.

Village (jersey devil)


You then enter into another large room. Small cottages lie left and right, all heavily old and abandoned. You pass by a cottage, and you can hear a female screaming, then flesh tearing...then bleating. Suddenly, smoke comes from the chimney. The Jersey Devil (actor) is than seen from the roof, and it sees you to. It bleats/neighs at you, and tries to swipes it’s hooves at you. You then go into the next room.

River (bunyip)


You then enter into a different environment. The room feels hotter than others, cooling you off from the chillier rooms before. There’s tons of fog underneath you, giving the illusion you’re traveling through water. From below, you can hear a deep, unearthly growl. Suddenly, a giant head emerges from the water. It’s the Bunyip (puppet), and it has a victim in it’s mouth (puppet). The victim screams in agony. The Bunyip gives you a death stare, as it pulls it’s head back into the water.

Indian Burial Ground(skin-walker)


You are now back on land. Around you are various graves, all buried with sticks or rocks. Some sticks seem to be bent, and there’s a canine tooth stuck in some dirt. As you walk past a tree, a mid-transformed Skin-walker (actor) emerges from it. His face is seen growing a snout and long ears, and he claws at you with growing claws. He then cowers in pain back into the tree. Then,  a dog like creature (puppet) emerges from the other side of the tree, barking at you you exit the room.

Abandoned building (devil monkey)


You then enter into a small indoor area. Around you, you see faded paint, crumbling bricks, and trash everywhere in the room. The smell of dirt and cement fills the room. As you walk by a trash can, it starts to shudder. You look closer at it, and you see a dismembered hand holding tightly onto the handle. You back away from it, and from the other side a Devil Monkey (actor) emerges from behind a broken window. It screeches and tries to grab at you as you exit the room.

Sewer tunnel (lizard men)


You are now in a tightly cramped area, and it smells awful. You can hear water rushing from below and above you, sometimes dripping on you. On the walls are various claw marks and handprints. On the floor are various small reptilian looking eggs, and one seems to have hatched open. You walk past an open grate, and the grate bursts open, revealing the Lizard Man (actor) . he hisses and claws at you, as you go to the next room

Cave (genoskwa)


You are now in darkly lit room. Hanging from the ceilings, are various bodies. You look closer at the bodies, and see that all of their heads have been removed. The only path to the exit is through the bodies. You walk through the gruesome sight, and you start to hear thumping, and it isn’t footsteps. You realize that it’s actually rocks being thrown at you (air mixed with sound), as you narrowly try to leave the room. As you are about to exit, the Genowskwa (actor) emerges from behind a body. It beats its chest in rage as you leave the room.

Pier (nessie)


You then enter into what seems to be a pier. To you left and right are wooden rails. Below, you see the ocean (basic projection effect). In front of you, you see a large old-fashioned submarine (there will be a small use of forced perspective to make it look bigger than it actually is). As you walk towards the submarine, a large reptilian head (puppet) pokes through the ocean. Nessie turns it’s head towards you, and spits water at you as you exit the room.

Submarine (kraken)


You then enter into a metallic hallway. Around you, are various porthole size windows, and various metallic doors. The submarine will occasionally rattle and shake, as something bumps into it. As you walk past one door, it opens up revealing a crewmember. He screams for help, but he is suddenly dragged back by various tentacles. The other side of the room rattles again, as you see the Krakens eye peering at you (projection). As you exit the room.


You then enter into a very large room. Around you are various wrecked buildings and cars. The buildings have there windows and walls torns away, and several cars have been flipped over or crushed. Behind several buildings or cars, various Cryptids from before will come out (Bigfoot, Goatman, Dogman, Wendigo, etc etc), as you dash towards the exit of the haunt.

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