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Grim Reaperz

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Hello fellow forum members! This is Grim Reaperz speaking... As you may know from my introduction, I am a huge fan of writing, escpecially for the storylines and settings for HHN.  Now, I have read story ideas for houses on the forums and I am truly impressed of what they think up. As those ideas are  amazing, I would like to expand on those ideas and turn them into mazes one day.  I know there is already a forum for creative ideas, but I would like to make a request. If it is no trouble, is there anyway you all can send me your ideas by PM or something similar? If so, I would be truly honored to take your ideas and expand on them.  I'll take any idea, and I promise to expand on them.  Also, I will be presenting my ideas very soon, and hopefully you all will enjoy them. Thank you all for taking the time to read this.



Grim Reaperz 

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