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Matt’s quick review HHN 28


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Let’s get straight into this in my ranking order:


1. Poltergeist. Gorgeous house, good scares, but fun. Could do this house hundreds of times and never tire of it. 

2. Scary Tales - is it wrong the Hansel and Gretal scene always makes me want a cinnamon roll?!?! So inventive, fun, and the three little pigs get me every time

3. Slaughter Sinema - again fun and inventive. Love the midnight swarming monsters and the swamp yeti is fun to interact with. Shitties Kids camera gets me every time without fail

4. Seeds of extinction - last of us in walkthrough form. Creepy, terrifying, and still love the willow stilt walker scare!

5. Carnival graveyard - gorgeous set, fun yet big jump scares. The clown is my fave here. Great interactions and genuinely scary 

6. Stranger Things - very true to the series but wilted in a strong field this year

7. Trick r Treat - beautiful sets but not that scary or memorable

8. Dead Exposure - not scary. Just disorientating. Spent more time trying to work out where I needed to go than enjoying the house 

9. Halloween 4 - Michael Myers is fun but not scary at all. Good interactions though 

10. Blumhouse - poor. Boring. Disappointing. Only blot on this year

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