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spoiler free quick review of ep


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   Scare zone 

 Most of the streets were bare without fog, hopefully that changes.

 Chucky is has very fun and scary vibes. 
 Harvest needs more  actors. It has room to be great zone. It's kind of like scarecrow?
 Vamp 85 If you like vamp 55 you will love this one. I didn't care too much for it. Music all over the place. I wanted to like it. Costumes are fantastic. 
Klowns Has growth room not scare factor yet. I really enjoy this zone. 
 Twisted Traditions. It's like we can't do treat r trick again in same zone but they tried too. It has similar vibes. They have cool stilt walkers. 


Houses were weird. My hyped list was adjusted. 
Seeds of extinction is decent house with same scares. The costumes were different. I didn't care for this house at all. 
 Stranger things -

never got into the show. If you like the show it's a great house? some great scenes,scare factor is pg at best with the show. 

Rust to Pieces - Shocked me with set and the heavy scares. This is so good. Don't doubt it.  Has buttons.
Dead Exposure 2- Had some interesting scenes. not real set design to paris or anything that I saw. preferred the original. 
Scary tales 4? -  It was well done, the smells are a there. Huge  façade that is cool. 
Halloween 4- I feel like Hollywood did this maze for them. ( dark hallway and higher scares) I think is fair house. 
Blumhouse - I enjoy this house way too much, I wanted to redo this house two more times but time wasn't with me now I got to wait. I really enjoy Happy death day and the purge series, I don't care for the first purge. Thankfully, the 1st purge is like 4 rooms. so the room count is like 7 of happy death day and 4 purge. 
Treat R Trick - I think it feels short, I love this house.  Watch out for the grass.  It does justice to the movie. kind of underwhelming ending. 

Slaughter sinema - This  my personal favorite house, so many different films and scenes and maybe litter with references with other stuff. I wish it was longer.  I have feeling based on word of the mouth,  this might be shortest wait for the year. 
 Poltergeist -  For me,  this is the longest maze and the best one as the younger folk might say this is the goat? 
 . I got some great scares in this house.. I don't want to say anything else. 


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