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Wait Times for September

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Hey Guys, 


I only went to HHN in Orlando back in 2014 and went in early October on a Saturday and bought the express pass to see all the houses. This year we are going back and will be attending a few weeks earlier on Sunday September 23rd. 


Is it necessary to buy an express pass for that date? I remember reading that the lines aren't typically as long as October but I really don't know what to expect as far as wait times for the houses. Is it possible to see all 10 houses without it?


Any info would be great!

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This year is not really like other years.  

We lost Bill & Ted, which was a people eater, and have just one show.  But we have an extra house which might make up for it.

We also have Stranger Things, which is bound to bring in people coming in JUST for that.

It also looks like they did away with 12pm closing (unless I;m just not seeing it).  So they are anticipating more people maybe?


That said, that Sunday usually did not sell out Express passes.  So I think you have a pretty safe option to buy an Express pass the night of, in the event you find the lines long.

Your best bet is to either Stay and Scream, or get there early enough that you are among the first get in.

Typically your best bet is to RIGHT (toward ET) and hit the attractions in counter clockwise direction (most people go left).  By the time you get to the Soundstages, the waits will be really long.

If you get there right at opening, MAYBE you can do it all. 


I would expect peak wait times to be 100+ min for Stranger Things.  And 75 on average.

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 The thing that everyone doesn't put into play is the " fear pass with express" 
 I wish they would take that option away. 
 On any giving night, there are 25k people in the park and lines are long, but there is that unknown factor of how many are fear pass with express. 
As they sell express per night they never factor in those. 
 I believe it might be possibly to do all 10 houses and enjoy 2 streets. depends on crowds. 

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