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so... fan-icons/fan-lore huh


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so as someone whose never personally had the opportunity to attend HHN in person, i've come to see HHN as less of an event and more of a frankensteined mish-mash of a vague narrative. i mean, it has characters w/ motivations and original settings, even if they're mostly used for theming and marketing, so i feel like a deeper dive into the scraps of lore they give us is really fun


this, uh, led to me making a lot of dumb fan-icons and detailing my own dumb ideas about how the fictional universe of HHN as like, a story, could actually work


i kinda made this thread as both a bit of self-indulgent rambling about my own concepts but also because i really wanna see if Other People do this kinda worldbuilding as well so feel free to add ur own headcanons/worldbuilding of hhn's fictional universe and fan-icons as well


(adaru/fear is personally the character ive thought most about, to the extent where i wrote a fic about what i think a possible backstory for him could be. if u wanna read that, that's here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10989600 )


unsure how much i'll actually, y'know, update this thread but hey it's somewhere to record all this huh. and maybe some people will have fun reading it. idk what im doing at all lmao

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