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Kim Petras: Turn Off the Light house


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Not sure if anyone is familiar with Kim Petras, but I wrote this entire house based off her Turn Off the Lights album.


Kim Petras Turn Off the Light


Enter the dark twisted world of Kim Petras’ album as her nightmares enter our world.


Facade: Entering the soundstage we see a facade of Kim Petras’ album with her music playing from her current album that becomes distorted, and nightmarish.


Purgatory: Once entering the house we stumbled upon a cemetery during a thunderstorm with winds, and lightning as some of the statues, and corpses come to life, and jumpscare the guest before entering the mausoleum they get one jumpscare by a victim cover in blood begging for help, and telling the guest not to the enter the mausoleum.


There Will Be Blood: Upon entering the mausoleum, guests ended up in a temple owned by a cult. As guests walk they’ll be jumpscare by hooded cult members with neon green and neon pink fingernails while seeing figures of their sacrifices on walls, and the floor. Upon reaching the end of the room the cult leader behind him is a Kim Petras statue, and in the front is the sacrifice as he pulled the victim’s heart out of her chest killing her as the Kim Petras statue’s eyes glow red, and via projection mapping blood coming out of her eyes flowing down like tears as guests enters the next room.


Bloody Valentine: Entering the next room is what looks like a high school Valentine’s Day dance, but completely massacre as guest walk seeing some of the Valentine dancers begging for help as some have their eyes gorge out, some that lost their jaws as jumpscares with one of the chaperones tied to the giant heart with his heart ripped out, and another with his head in the punch bowl while his body jumpscares. Continuing to walk, guests see a dead couple with a pole struck through them to the ground. At the end of the room the killer is revealed to be a lone geeky girl that was rejected, and humiliated covered in blood with a butcher knife popping out of a door as she saids that she killed them all then began to laugh maniacally as guests exits to the next room.


Wrong Turn: Entering the next room we see a car wreck with one of victims covered in blood, and shards on the other side of the wreckage hysterically begging for help distracting the guest till the second victim scareactor pops out of the other side with a dislocated jaw, and bad burns as guest head to the next room.


Demons: Guess enters what looks like a house, but all but one are being tortured by demons one being tied up, and being pulled apart, another with her eyes gourged out as demons pop out scaring guest exiting the room a portrait of Kim Petras has her eyes glowing till the geeky girl from the Bloody Valentine jumps out now possessed by a demon trying to attack the guest exits to the next room.


Massacre: Entering the room guest ends up in what looks like a church were it’s patrons are completely killed with some either barely alive or a demon attack as the room a stained glass resembles Kim Petras could be seen as the sky in the background turns bloody red as a demon pops out with guest entering the next room.


Knives: The next room resembles a murder scene with knives on dead bodies with multiple scareactors jumpscaring guest with butcher knives entering the next room.


Death by S*x: The next room we enter what looks like a cabin in the woods in which we see a couple in bed stabbed through a pole with the guy dead, and his girlfriend barely alive begging for help as the killer in a well hidden room jumpscares guest as they exit to the next room.


Omen: The next room is what looks like an apocalyptic temple with demons, and cult members jumping out till we see the leader on her throne indicating she is the same girl from earlier as she swiped at the guest entering the next room.


Close Your Eyes: The next room is what looks like a hallway with the windows projected to show eyes watching you with a jumpscare of eyeless person screaming in pain.


Transylvania: The next room has guests enter what looks like a nightclub showing huge lights saying the name of the night club with vampire girls dancing, and the club guests are dead or barely alive as they’re being drained of their blood with the vampires jumpscaring guests in every corner wanting them for their next meal.


Turn Off the Light: Entering the next room is a room full of mirrors like a funhouse once in a while the lights go out into pitch black with the lights then flickering with scare actors jumpscaring guests.


Tell Me It’s a Nightmare: The next room is what looks like a lab as one of the victims is strapped to a chair with wires extracting nightmares till the machine begins to overheat causing the nightmares to enter reality, and jumpscaring guests.


I Don’t Wanna Die: Entering the next room resembles a murder room as one of the victims still alive pops out for begs for help as the victim runs back to the room with the killer jumping out of the other room.


In the Next Life: Entering a room sees a glowing light circling at the exit in a dark room with boo holes well hidden with the killers from previous rooms popping out of each of them trying to attack the guests.


Boo! Bitch!: The next room looks like we return to the real world, but reveals that the nightmares are controlling the real world as the geeky girl now psychotic jumpscares the guests saying welcome to Hell as she laughs insanely revealing it was her nightmares indicating that she’s a manifestation of Kim Petras’ nightmares.


Everybody Dies: The final room has guest walk through the destroyed lab as it shows screens of previous rooms as the nightmare manifestation of Kim Petras makes a final jumpscare as the guests exit the house.

Hope you all like it.

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