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Dr J's short review on opening night because my computer is broke and i dont want to do a long review from my phone.

Doctor Jeffula

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Havent been active on the forums much but i gotta put up my opening night review. Overall i thought this was one of the weakest years i have been to and i have been going since 2009 ill review everything in the order we went. We did early entry, had FOL and we didnt see opening scaramonies. The scarezones were nothing special either so lets get that out of the way. We went on Walking Dead first and i wont review that because its a permanent attraction. The Merch this year was awesome though. 


Insidious- It was ok but nothing like the last one which i thought was one lf the best mazes. Seemed to be thrown together which was the case for alot of mazes. There were parts where it was way too dark to navigate through. (C)


Saw- Another one that was just thrown together. I think the facade was the same as Freddy vs Jason last year which was lame. Seemed like the Saw mazes from 2009/2010 had alot more effort put in them. (D)


Ash Vs Evil Dead- One of the better mazes of the night but more fun then it was scary. Not familiar with the show but i was satisfied with what i went through. (B)


American Horror Story- This was probably my third favorite maze but between this and saw im tired of seeing pig masks. I wish they wouldve had season 2 and 3 included but nope we are not special like orlando. I thought there was a surprise ending but where was it? (B) 


The Shining- I was iffy about them making this a maze but this was my favorite maze. Alot of good scares in this maze and looked like they put alot of effort into making it a great experience. (A)


Terror Tram- It seems like its getting worse with cramming as much people as they can in this thing it takes the fun out of it. I like the theme of the tram but its just the same thing over and over. Loved the Freddy scene though.


Blumhouse of Horror- When this was announced i was really disappointed but it wasnt too terrible. Purge part was just the gauntlet from last year and the purge needs to go away it was the worst part of the maze it was a very cheap and lazy attempt. I was pleasantly surprised with the Happy Death Day part even though the movie looks dumb they couldve just stuck with that as a sole maze. Sinister was just ...there....i dont have any familiarity with the movie but nothing too special. This seemed like the longest maze (D)


Jabbawockeez- ok you can go away now....


Titans of Terror- This maze was a letdown. The facade was cool and the first room had a neat nostalgic feel to it but after that it seems like you go through the secret lair of each character. This maze couldve been something special they dropped the ball on it big time. (D)


So this year was a disappointing year if not the most disappointing. I knew going in it wasnt going to top 2016 but it had potential to be one of the better years on paper.  Too many mazes seemed to have been half assed when putting together. Looking forward to what you all think and reading everyone elses reviews



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While I can only go off of videos posted, this honestly looks like a weak/off year. The main thing that sticks out to me are the sheer number of black/unthemed hallways, corners and rooms throughout -all- the mazes, the sheer number of "box" scares and lack of variety of other scares, and the lack of finales in the mazes. Heck, not even the facades are as good as previous years.


Yeah, I agree this year wasn't going to top 2016 which had some solid fun mazes like Freddy vs Jason, Krampus and Halloween: Hell Comes to Haddonfield. But sheesh, this year jumped off a cliff.



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