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HHN27 Gameplans


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So, for me planning is key. I take this event pretty seriously, and always like to have in mind before I go what I want to do and what order I'd ideally do them in. Here's my gameplan for when I go on Saturday, September 22nd with an express pass and lovely gf in tow. Hopefully we can all share plans and help each other out in planning an awesome trip!


  • Arrive at the parking lot around 5:15 so we can be in line around 5:30
  • Die in the hot sun for an hour, sometimes less bc they let people in early lots of times
  • Dash over to Ash vs Evil Dead, not using express
  • That should let out near the entrance to Scarecrows, so we hit that next without express
  • That lets out near Hive so we hit that, hopefully without express
  • After that we go to Blumhouse bc its near, we will use express bc we only care to do it once anyways. 
  • Enjoy the Invasion scarezone and hit the hhn store for the first visit, pick up anything that looks like it would sell out. I guess we would also be in the purge scarezone here too but we dont care much about that either
  • Go to Dead Waters or The Fallen, depends on which has a lower wait. Hopefully we can save express
  • Do whichever of the two houses we didn't just do, again hopefully without express
  • Use express for the shining
  • Use express for AHS if its needed, tho the middle of the night tends to be better for the first house than the beginning or end so we may be able to hold off on it
  • Go to Saw, probably using express
  • Enjoy the scarezones fully
  • Eat a donut
  • Suffer from the donut
  • Redo any houses that we want to do again, this time with express
  • 30 minutes before leaving, hit up the store again for whatever I didn't buy the first time.
  • Hit one more house then leave
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  • Fly in, pick up some groceries, and then Twin Peaks and/or Vampire Tacos



  • Wait, what?  No HHN on the 28th this year!?!?!?
  • Head to Animal Kingdom for when they open and see if we can possibly get into Avitarland
  • Wander around for an hour
  • Try to leave the park, but get distracted by monkeys
  • Leave to head to Epcot for the Food & Wine Festival when it opens at 11:00
  • Eat and drink too much
  • Do Test Track
  • Head to Magic Kingdom
  • Do a few rides based on lines
  • Figure out how the hell to get back to wherever our car is
  • Head back to the resort



  • Do the parks all day
  • Go to Finnegan's - have a couple beers
  • Leave and run around like maniacs doing every house ASAP without express
  • Relax with a beer at Bill & Ted's or AoV
  • Take some time to enjoy the scare zones
  • Hit up whatever we want to a second time with express
  • Beer
  • Ride the Mummy and maybe Rip Rocket depending on the line
  • Beer
  • Do Men in Black...just because.
  • Go through the "weak house" another time or two due to the 15 minute wait time that is actually like 5 min
  • Go back to the resort and pass out



  • Get up, hang out at the pool
  • Get to the parks whenever we feel like it
  • Hit up Finnegan's
  • Go do our favorite 3 or 4 houses before the crowds get too bad
  • Have a couple beers while people watching wherever the chainsaws are
  • Separate from the group for a bit to take some pictures of the event (I bring my "good" camera one night and don't do any rides or anything)
  • Meet back up with them, have a beer
  • Hit up a few more houses
  • Visit the HHN Store
  • More houses and zones
  • Visit the store again and buy stuff this time
  • Leave
  • Our one friend INSISTED on getting a drink on the way out...so we stand at the people movers waiting for him to finish it
  • Leave for real this time



  • Roll out of bed whenever
  • Start packing our stuff for the flight home
  • Go to Miller's Ale House for Football
  • Head to HHN
  • Marvel at how much better the security is, you fly right through
  • Curse about how damn long it takes you to get your ticket scanned to get in since people are idiots
  • Do each house once with express regardless of the size of lines
  • B&T or AoV based on which haven't seen yet
  • Friends want to ride the Simpsons and try to drag me on, but it gives me virtual tummy so I refuse
  • Agree to Transformers which gives me significantly less virtual tummy
  • Sit down for a bit to get over virtual tummy
  • Everybody is ready to leave, but our one friend insists on doing one more house clear on the other side of the park so we drag ass over there
  • Then he insists on doing XXXXX because it was our favorite house and the line is only 30 minutes
  • Then on the way out of the park, sees another house with a 15min wait and insists on doing it.
  • Then, the line was really only 5 minutes so he wants to do it again...one guy goes with him, the rest of us sit at a table tired and pissed
  • FINALLY leave



  • Get up at the crack of dawn to head to the airport for our flights home
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I've had the same plan of attack the last few years.


Stay and scream at finnegans. The last 2 years they've had high demand houses in that area (Freddy vs Jason and Exorcist) and this year the shining is hopefully that house.


Finish that before the park opens and be at the rope drop for AHS. This saves me so much time for other things throughout the night. 


If I'm out of AHS before 6:45 I head to the back soundstages. This year they are both originals so waits won't be as bad as last year. Around that time last year walking dead was around 40 and ghost town was around 15 minutes.


If its after 6:45 I head to the back of the park. Chance was pretty much walk on at that point however I do expect blumhouse to gain a bit more foot traffic. And then after that we head to the tent closest to men in black which was usually a 20-30 minute wait. Being that This year that tent is original it could be less. 


We always end up doing the 8:30 Bill and Ted and a snack break.


Then we head to the parade building and other tent. This is the time where wait times usually fluctuate. If its over an hour we head to shrek which wait times have usually died down to less than 45 minutes or the back sound stages we havent hit. 


We usually hit the second show after we do the shrek house. 


After than we do anything we want again or things we havent done that night. The last house I try to hit before the end is the tent furthest from men in black. Its usually a walk in after 11 if its not a peak night.

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A lady I was in line with while waiting for The Fallen to resume operation told me she and her husband bought express passes halfway through the night. She said that because it was so late, they only charged her half price for each! I think this is an amazing thing to try and do, since you won't even need the passes for the first hour or two anyways

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10 hours ago, duh1011 said:

A lady I was in line with while waiting for The Fallen to resume operation told me she and her husband bought express passes halfway through the night. She said that because it was so late, they only charged her half price for each! I think this is an amazing thing to try and do, since you won't even need the passes for the first hour or two anyways


They are the "After 10 Express Passes".  They routinely sell out and you can buy them any time of the day and starting at 10:00on, you can do each house once with the pass.  They used to advertise them around the park, but haven't for years. 

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