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I asked Mike Ailleo | HHN Tag

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Have you guys been tagged in an HHN Tag? Or heard of it? 


The questions are


1. How many years have you attended Halloween Horror Nights? 2) What is your best memory at HHN? 3) If you were only able to attend one maze, and only one for your whole life, which maze would it be? 4) What is your favorite Scare Actor moment? 5) Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure or Jabbawockeez? 6) If you could change any scene in a maze, which maze would you change and why? 7) What is your worst experience at HHN? 8) Change one thing about Halloween Horror Nights. 9) What maze would you want to bring back? 10) What smell do you NOT want to return?


I asked mr. Ailleo if he would answer these.

I now await his response, if he has time!

In the meantime, if you'd like to you should answer some of these tags too!

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