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Questions for those who have worked Horror Nights in Orlando

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Hello everyone! I have a few general questions for those on this forum who have previously worked as scareactors in Orlando. I'm planning on finally auditioning this year and look forward to potentially working this year's event. However, I have some concerns about scheduling conflicts with my full time job.


My first question is, what time does a typical scareactor shift start and end? How early do they require you to be there?


Second question, what days of the week are rehearsals typically on and what are the shifts like for those days leading up to the event?


And my third question is: If hired, are you required to work all days of the week for the event or are you able to take one day off? For example, if my work schedule restricted me from working Thursdays, but I am available Friday, Saturday, Sunday, would that be an issue with Universal?


Thank you guys so much! I'd greatly appreciate the help.



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