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Dr. Jimmy's first impressions of HHN 26

Dr. Jimmy

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There are two lollipops from TrT in Krampus.  One is in the attic just after the Christmas light strangulation.  It's on your left, sticking out of a piece of clothing hanging in a rack.  There is also a Mickey mouse shirt in that same scene, along with a movie poster for Stab on the adjacent wall.


The other lolly is just as you enter Krampus' lair.  it is on your right, but you will probably need to crane your head up and to the right.  It is stuck in the wall.


And all of the snowglobes in the lair have houses in them - most representing past HHN houses.  Some are horror houses not yet featured at HHN (i.e. Amityville Horror)

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