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Fright Forest - An Original Event Concept


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Way back when HHNVault was a thing, I posted about a haunted event concept I concocted called Nightmare Alley. It was so much fun to sit down and craft my own HHN style event, and every year since I have devoted a little bit of time to creating one. over time the event has morphed into Fright Forest and it takes place at a fictional theme park resort (that I built in Roller Coaster Tycoon 3) 


This is the ninth year I've mapped out an entire event, so here is a taste of Fright Forest: Mountains of Madness


"Fright Forest" Backstory: Fright Forest is the annual Halloween event at the Adventure Gardens resort. The event started in 2007 as Nightmare Alley and was built in an open lot next to the first park at the resort and not actually inside the park. The first year had a carnival themed atmosphere that has sort of lingered through many of the years since. For it's fifth season, the event took on the subtitle Fright Forest, and the following season, Nightmare Alley was no more, with Fright Forest becoming the full name of the event. Like Horror Nights the event uses a mix of original content and film based IPs. The films are perhaps more obscure than what HHN uses, but in some cases wouldn't be out of place at Universal. As with Universal, several iconic characters have led the event. Ruby a demented ventriloquist dummy, Nightshade the Clown, Master Ravenswood (owner of a ghostly manor), and The Collector (a museum curator whose collection houses monsters and mayhem) In 2015, the event finally spread from it's seperate lot into the two parks in the resort, creating a mini park of it's own. The theme was of two differing "realms" The Woods, home to all sorts of archaic ancient horrors, and The Neighborhood, featuring more traditional Halloween settings. This year, the main event was a house based on Trick R Treat and Sam from the film acted as the iconic figure of the event 


This Year Brings Terror to New Heights when the event becomes Fright Forest: Mountains of Madness. 


2016 Backstory

For it's ninth year of fear, Fright Forest has taken over Mystic Mountains, the second theme park in the Adventure Gardens resort. Now based entirely in a park, the event will be bigger than ever before, offering more space to frighten and delight the guests of the event. 


Mountains of Madness is the subtitle for the season, and the madness comes at the hand of the event's three iconic figures, the Sisters of the Mountains. Wicked Fairies who are hellbent on destroying the world of men invite you into their realm, to toy and play with you before they go for the kill. They have their own Fright zone at the entrance to the park called "Terra's Landing" and their own house, Mountains of Madness where you enter their lair at the base of Mount Mysterion, the focal point of the park, and come face to face with the spirits of the earth. 


This season features 8 haunted houses, Four original concepts, four based on existing IPs. 


Read on to discover the horror that await you at Fright Forest: Mountains of Madness 











A team of Ghost Hunters entered 13 Sycamore Lane and never came out. Now it's your turn to see what it is they discovered in the walls of this haunted house that may just be the border between our world and the hell that lives below. (Location: Temporary Building, The Neighborhood)






The Sandman is real and he wants your dreams, or to be more specific, your nightmares, and he's willing to do whatever it takes to get it. Fears and Phobias abound as you traverse a nightmarish landscape of the things that go bump in the night and make you squirm (Location: Wrath of Montiki Extended Queue, Adventure Landing) 




Nightshade's Carnival of the Dark


Nightshade Returns for an Encore! Step Right Up and Come on Down to your doom as you visit a carnival like nothing you've ever experienced. Madmen, Freaks and Clowns await as you enter the blood stained circus tents with no exit in sight. Hurry Hurry Hurry, your time has come! (Location: HororLand Haunt building)






Descend into the lair of the Sisters of the Mountain, the fae spirits who dwell inside Mount Mysterion, but beware, they are out for blood, and yours will do nicely. Beware their beautiful song and enchanting looks, as they are pure evil, and will tear you apart, body and soul inside these mountains of madness. (Temporary Building, The Neighborhood)


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Sam is back and bringing his twisted version of Halloween to every holiday you can think of. Christmas, Easter, Father's Day, and many more will all get a frightening twist as you venture deeper into the mind of Sam and his love for Halloween. Beware breaking the rules of Halloween no matter the time of year or Sam will make sure you never make it out alive. 






Back with all new fear for 2016! The wicked dummy is back for a taste of vengeance. As he puts on his twisted magic show, you are the unwilling volunteers. Weave your way through a maze of frightful fun monsters and terrifying illusions. Based on the monster hit books, RL Stine's creations are dying to meet you. If you survive, pay a visit to the high speed thrill ride Give Yourself Goosebumps for even more fiendish fun. (Location: Give Yourself Goosebumps Queue, HorrorLand) 




The Babadook


Venture into the terrifying pages of nightmarish pop up book, and come face to face with a new spin on the boogeyman. If it's in a word or in a look, You can't get rid of the Babadook. (Location: Pop up Tents, Adventure Landing)






You've heard the rumors of the terrors within, now enter Freddy Fazbear's Pizzera and see if the stories are true. With only a dim light to guide you, try to make it out alive if you can. (Location: Pop Up tents, Mysterion Pointe) 





Terra Landing - Wicked Fairies and Spirits from Beneath the earth roam this hallowed ground. (Mysterion Pointe) 

Cirque du Shriek - The most terrifying circus has come to town and you can't escape it (HorrorLand)

Mummy's Curse - An ancient crypt has been disturbed and it's occupants are out for vengeance. (Pharaoh's Valley)

Dragonfyre - The cursed ruins of a medieval castle set the stage for a showdown with fire breathing creatures and other nightmares (Draconia)

The Neighborhood - What seems like a normal street in a normal town is anything but. Bloodthirsty trick or treaters roam the streets, looking for their next...trick. (Near Trick R Treat/The


Bay of Blood - Captain Gore has made port and he is looking to add to his ghoulish crew. (Pirate's Cove)





CIRCUS OF ILLUSION - Mysto the Magnificent has returned from the grave to put on a stunning magic show using real illusions and more than a little blood to shock and awe the crowd. (Monster Blood Magic Theater) 


TORMENT: UNCUT - An Annual Tradition! The Collector is back with an all new display of blood and guts as contestants take the stage for the deadliest game show in the world, TORMENT! New acts, new kills, and new surprises await.  (Between The Neighborhood and Draconia) 










Fright Feast - Don't get scared on an empty stomach! A special extra ticket event featuring an all you can eat buffet and a special performance by the cast of Torment: Uncut. Once the meal and show are done, guests experience priority access to three haunts to get their fright started off right. (Buffet located at Paradise Cove Restaurant) 


Fright Pass - Get priority access to each haunt once during your visit. Extra costs apply


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