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Join Us for a Private HHN Tour Thurs Sept 29.

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Join us for a private RIP tour of HHN on Thursday, September 29 at 6:15 PM.

We're looking for 4-8 people to share the costs and the expertise of a private tour guide. This means you will get front of the line access to each house, as many times as we can do it!!

About us: We are a 45 year old couple (no kids) from the Philly area. We run a local meetup group for child-free singles and couples, so we know how to plan events. This will be our fifth HHN. We started out just doing the haunt, then we added Express passes. We've noticed that the haunt seems to get more crowded each year. Two years ago, we did a public RIP tour, and had such a great experience, that we decided to up the ante with a private tour.

What's the difference?

Private tour starts earlier (6:15 vs. 7:30) and ends later (park close).

Private tour is limited to 10 people (12 for the public tour) Public tour provides front of the line access for each house once; with the private tour, you can visit each house as many times as you can before the park closes at 1:00 AM.

Public tour is fixed cost per person. Private tour cost changes depending on the number of people that join us.

The details:

* Private RIP tour booked for Thursday, September 29, 6:15 PM.
* Tour guide will be with us until the park closes (1:00 AM) except for a 30-minute break.
* We will create the touring plan with the tour guide.
* Our plan is to tour each house at least twice. There are 2 casts for each house, and we'd like to see each one. We do not plan to use the tour guide for any rides (we can do that during the day...)
* We will have VIP seating for Bill & Ted.
* We will see the Scare Zones as time permits

We are looking for a minimum of 4 people to join us to make it worthwhile. With 6 people, the cost will be $355 per person. If we get the full 10 people, the costs drops to $213 per person. If we don't get at least 6 people, we will cancel the private tour.

Please PM us with any questions. Look forward to meeting you.

Steve in Philly


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