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Horror Lover's long-winded review of HHN 2015

horror lover

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A bit late but here is my final review of HHN 2015.. This was a very solid year for HHN Hollywood.. It's a very long review so be warned
Halloween: Michael Myers Comes Home: 10/10 = I really, really enjoyed this maze.. Loved seeing the dilapidated Myers house facade, the hedge scene, the clown murder, the phone call kill, the Trick or Treaters and Silver Shamrock jingle from Halloween III, and that final room.. dear lord, that room scared me every time I went through the maze..
Insidious: Return To The Further: 10/10 = THIS MAZE SCARED ME SO BAD... Based on all three Insidious movies, it was really detailed, it was beyond frightening.. got so many good scares in this maze, especially from the Darth Maul demon and the Creepy Bride.. The Man Who Cannot Breathe was also terrifying every time I went through.. Really put you in the midst of the Insidious trilogy.. also got to interact with Tucker and Specs and got to see them play a game of Ninja, Hunter, Bear with Freak lol
The Walking Dead: Wolves Not Far: 9/10 = Okay, last year, I was all burned out on Walking Dead and I was ready to see HHN retire this property for good. I was so tired of seeing it everywhere the last few years at HHN, I was dreading going into this maze, afraid I was going to find it a chore to go through... I.. WAS.. WRONG... It really looks like Murdy took last year's criticisms of the maze to heart and gave us a brand new experience based on the show.. Going through Terminus and all the sets from Season 5 was great and I got really good scares.. I enjoyed this maze and I only dock one point off because I was hoping that the SS28 remains would have housed a Universal Classic Monsters maze.. But overall a great maze
This Is The End 3D: 3/10 = My least favorite maze of the event.. I got what they were going for (comedy horror) but it just fell flat.. I did like some of the 3D visuals but that was about it.. Not a knock on the cast, they did their best with the material given to them but this was a bit of a misfire.. I did like the Heaven/Hell scene at the end though..
Alien Vs. Predator: 6/10 = Loved it last year, it was very fun to go through again this year, but my last run-through, there were hardly any scareactors in the first half of the maze..
Crimson Peak: Maze of Madness: 10/10 = This maze was just absolutely gorgeous to look at.. The scares were excellent and I still have to see this movie.. Going through the maze a few times just to take in all the detail.. It truly was one of the most gorgeous mazes ever designed at HHN Hollywood.. I really, really love atmospheric mazes like this where the sets are just stunning to look at..

HHN 2015 review: (cont) Scarezones, Terror Tram and overall thoughts on this year
Exterminatorz: 9/10 = I loved the vibe, loved the scareactor designs, loved the energy in this scarezone, loved the street decor.. My only gripe was the lack of Icon/barker character.. Yes, I know what happened last year with The Purge Auctioneer. :( Still, I loved this scarezone and I wouldn't mind an Exterminatorz maze at some point
Dark Christmas: 10 OUT OF FREAKING 10 = I STILL LOVE THIS SCAREZONE!! I spent quite a bit of time just walking up and down this scarezone, taking in the evil Christmas/Krampus vibe.. This better get a maze at some point! Preferably involving a gothic cathedral decked out with Christmas stainglass windows as the facade . ;)
Corpz: 9/10 = At first, I thought this was a bit of a letdown compared to The Phantom of the Opera-esque Mask-A-Raid scarezone last year which I really, really liked, but the more I walked through Corpz, the more I dug the World War I vibe and I actually wouldn't mind seeing a Corpz maze similar to HHN Orlando's Nightingales: Blood Prey
and this is going to be a double review..
The Purge: Urban Nightmare/Terror Tram: Survive The Purge: 10/10 (counting them both together since they're both Purge themed) = The Purge: Urban Nightmare on the NYC Metro Sets was one of the grittiest and most intense scarezones I ever walked through.. every corner of the backlot sets, there were Purgers on the prowl.. Terror Tram: Survive The Purge was one of the better Terror Trams I've seen at HHN thus far.. I really loved the set-up (going to the Purge party) and especially the video.. It was.. wait for it... FABULOUS-ly done and really set the mood for what we would face on the Terror Tram.. the Tram itself was very good, same route but still, the cast gave it their all and I got some good scares both times I did it.. really good Tram this year. :)
I did not do the Jabbawockeez dance show.. no offense to them or their fans, I've seen them on YouTube and they are good at what they do, I respect their talent as dancers, but.. I really miss the days of shows like Bill and Ted and Rocky Horror Picture Show and even Chucky's Insult Emporium.. Hopefully someday we'll get a show along those lines again or even one similar to HHN Orlando's The Carnage Returns..
Overall thoughts on this year/wishes for next year: 2015 was a year I went into with slightly lowered expectations based on all the returning content but I knew that the HHN design team would try their best to scare me and put on a good event.. and I have to say this was one of their better years content-wise... I was especially impressed by my last visit on Friday where every maze, scarezone and Tram cast was on their A+ game and out for those final drops of blood before the season ended.. And now.. 2016 is going to be interesting because as we all know, a boy wizard by the name of Harry Potter is setting up shop at Universal and bringing the village of Hogsmeade and his Forbidden Journey to Universal Studios Hollywood.. How this will affect HHN, no one knows for sure.. And as far as wishful thinking for next year, I really want Freddy Vs. Jason, American Horror Story, The Conjuring, Dark Christmas, maybe a fairy tales maze similar to Orlando's Asylum In Wonderland and a proper Universal Classic Monsters maze that celebrates the original Monsters that invented the horror movie.


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