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Halloween Horror Nights: Hunt After Dark


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In 2019 two teenagers named Sid & Nancy entered the Ascension Parish Cemetery were they defiled everything causing their deaths by the vengeful spirits, and died. But what if Nancy didn’t die that night?


“Night has fallen over Universal. Evil has risen, but they shall beware. The huntress has awakened, and her hunt has begun.”

Backstory: In 2019 Nancy, and her boyfriend Sid entered the Ancension Parish Cemetery, and defiled the graves with graffiti only to anger Evangeline, also known as the Glowing Mother, and the spirits killing them both. However Nancy didn’t die; she survived the night, but was scarred from the experience. She learn the existence of evil, fear, and terror that spread throughout the world that she decides to hunt them down that she became known as the huntress.

Icon: Nancy/The Huntress



Night of the Huntress
Soundstage 23

Chapter I: See her journey begin as she gathers the ingredients from the most fearsome monsters, and spirits to complete her first goal. The elixir of immortality.


Return to Terra Cruentus
Soundstage 23


Chapter II: The ancient realm ruled by the Terra Queen. Return to the realm, and beware of the monsters that would use you for their sacrificial rituals to use your blood for wine, and your flesh for iron.

Legendary Truth: Secrets Hidden
Soundstage 24


Chapter III: The Legendary Truth Mansión has many secrets that was kept hidden from the world, and it’s ready to be exposed along with the horrors it would unleash if it’s secrets were revealed

Nickelodeon’s Are You Afraid of the Dark
Soundstage 24


Chapter IV: Nickelodeon’s classic tv series has come to Halloween Horror Nights. Relive classic moments that stayed in your childhood, and answer the question. Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Welcome to SCarey: Population 0
Soundstage 25


Chapter V: Return to Carey Ohio where the town where nightmares resides however the town has been dwindling, and the population is dying off.

Sirens: Demons of the Deep
Sprung Tent 1


Chapter VIII: “In the coast of the Northwest Pacific lies a beautiful beach house, harboring a deadly secret. And this Spring Break might also be your last.”

Orfan: Children of the Wicked
Parade Warehouse


Chapter IX: The Salem Witch Trials in Salem, Massachusetts have executed so many witches that they believe that they have eradicated all the witches. However the children born with the blood of witches in their veins that lost their mothers seek one thing: Revenge.


Universal Monsters: The Final Hunt

Soundstage 33

Chapter X: The Bride has revived her monster, but her thirst for hunting has not been cleansed. See her hunt down the rest of the monsters, and don’t get in her way.

Icons: Downfall
Sprung Tent 2


Epilogue: The icons return to bring fear, and terror. But now the icons have become the hunted with Nancy finding their domain. The final battle has just begun.



Ascension Parish Cemetery 

Plaza of the Stars


Prologue: Step into the cemetery in which two disrespectful teens defiled the graves, and the spirits are angered.

Slaughter Sinema: All Nite Die-In

San Francisco


Chapter VI: It’s a bloodshed massacre at the newly opened Carey Drive In Theater, and the b movie terrors have ripped through the screen.

Dark Fae Woods

Central Park


Chapter VII: The forest is home to the mischievous, and malicious fairies who do not take kindly of humans. Beware the fairies as they kill the humans by devouring their flesh, and once in a while maidens are begging for help as they start to painfully turn into fairies.

Chainsaw Drill Team Hunters

Springfield USA


Chapter XI: The chainsaw team is ready to bring fear with their chainsaws. They show fear to the hunted, and the allies.




Chapter XII: The annual Masquerade Ball was nearly perfect till the arrival of vampires turned the masquerade into a massacre.



Huntress: Take Back the Night

Universal Lagoon


Chapter XIII: The Universal Lagoon comes to life with fountains, projections, and light as Nancy shows her favorite films and shows as she begins her final preparations to take down the evils.

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