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Fright Night: Creature Feature


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For the 14th year I have crafted an original HHN style event taking place at a fictional theme park, crafted from a combination of original content from my imagination and dream IPs I'd love to see at HHN (I have a good track record: Ghostbusters, Beetlejuice, Trick R Treat and Killer Klowns all happened at my event before HHN and I like to think I willed them into existence) You can read about last year's video game oriented event Game Over here: 

This year's event is titled Creature Feature and is themed to a horror movie marathon run by an original icon known only as The Projectionist who has mysteriously resumed operation at several run down theaters in the area. He welcomes you into a world where the horror can step off the screen and into reality, turning your life into a horror movie. He can be found in an original house called Terror at the Multiplex and a scarezone called Scream-a-Thon, which tie together to tell the story of his supernatural film canisters that bring nightmares to horrifying life. 

The event has ten houses, five scare zones that I call Fright Zones. 





TERROR AT THE MULTIPLEX - The old Springsdale Multiplex has been shuttered for years, but suddenly the marquee lights turn on, advertising a horror movie marathon to die for. Step into the theater and experience horror films from your past and nightmares you could never imagine as The Projectionist opens his cursed film canisters, bringing the horror to vivid life. Experience popular scenes from previous IP houses at Fright Forest like Fright Night, Gremlins, and Creepshow, and experience several new nightmares direct from the twisted mind of the Projectionist. 


FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S: SECURITY BREACH - Step inside Fright Forest's largest house ever when you visit the brand new Pizzaplex for a special after hours tour, armed with your trusty flashlight. Just one thing, you might want to avoid the deranged free roaming animatronics who are out to get you. Inspired by the hit video game, you'll become part of the action as Freddy's pizza pals zero in on you and your friends. Better hope the flashlight doesn't run out of batteries 


CURSE OF THE VAMPYRE - An ancient castle is rumored to be the resting place of a long since dead lord known for his evil rituals and bloodletting. Entering the castle, you discover he is not dead, but undead and has created an army of vampires to hunt the humans who foolishly trespass. Each twisting turn leads you deeper into the castle until you find yourself in the Master's chambers, face to face with the great vampire himself. Perhaps you'll make it out alive, but it's doubtful.



THE MONSTER SQUAD - It's the team up of the century! Dracula has gathered all of the famous monsters from our past to seek out a mystical amulet that will let them rule the world. Join forces with an intrepid group of youngsters who find themselves pitted against the creatures of the night in this high energy retelling of the classic film. Step inside and find out if you have what it takes to stop the Monster Sqwu


REVENGE OF THE GIANT SPIDER  - in 1945, several scientists worked on a top secret project to aid the military by enlarging spiders as possible weapons, but the experiment went wrong and two of their spiders wreaked havoc on the nearby town of Springsdale. Now, years later, the town finds itself in the grip of the offspring of the spiders who is even bigger, and much meaner. Dare to step into the town square as the world faces the revenge of the Giant Spider 







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THE STUFF - When a delicious substance is discovered bubbling up out of the ground, the only logical thing to do is package it and sell it, creating a national craze. Now that the world is addicted to The Stuff, it turns out, it's really really bad for you. Become a part of the cult classic film from the 80's as you face Stuff-addicted zombies and even the titular goop itself. The Stuff: Are you eating it, or is it eating you? 



SLASHER: NEW BLOOD - It's been several years since we last heard from the Springsdale Slasher, who has been locked up in a maximum security prison, but after a major electrical storm shuts down the power, he is out, and this time he has brought several new friends, all maniacal killers, all set on making up for lost time. Madness and mayhem ensue as you find yourself stuck in the middle of the prison as law and order give way to blood and murder. 


INTO THE MOUTH OF MADNESS  - Do you read Sutter Cane? You will in this strange and surreal retelling of John Carpenter's unique vision. Enter a world where nothing is what it it seems and become the character in your very own horror novel written by famed novelist Sutter Cane. Just be sure not to go mad in the process.



SLUMBER CITY: REVENGE OF THE FORGOTTEN - A former Fright Zone becomes an immersive nightmare of a house. Find yourself in Slumber City, a world where every bad dream you've ever had goes to be forgotten. The trouble is, they don't forget, and they don't forgive. As you enter their world, you are at their mercy. In a world of dreams, nothing is what it seems, and reality will never be the same. Face the Forgotten and see if you can escape their wrath. 



NIGHT OF THE CREEPS - Good News, your prom dates are here. Bad news is...they are dead. Face brain eating slugs and brainless zombies as you become part of the nightmare that is NIGHT OF THE CREEPS based on the cult classic film. If you think this is your average zombie tale, you are dead wrong. If you think you can make it out alive, you might be even deader. 



To Be Continued. Up Next: Fright Zones and Shows 


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SCREAM - A - THON: LATE NIGHT FRIGHTS - The Projectionist has powered up an old drive in and invited creatures from Fright Forest past to invade reality from it's haunted screens. Former fright zone monsters will roam amongst the abandoned cars. Don't forget to stop by the concession stand for a wicked treat. 


WAREHOUSE 91: CONTAINMENT - Last year the entities kept within the top secret location known as Warehouse 91 broke free and wreaked havoc. Now a small town has been entirely quarantined to prevent the strange monsters and creatures from spreading across the world. You and your friends find yourself stuck in the middle of the containment center, surrounded by unknowable beasts on all sides. (SCP Inspired house turned to Zone) 


CIRQUE DU SHRIEK - It wouldn't be Fright Forest without Nightshade the Clown bringing his gaggle of gore-y gigglers out to play and this year they have crafted a circus most horrifying for you. Step right up and face your fear of clowns and carnies as they welcome you to join them...forever. 

GATEWAY: FOREST OF THE DAMNED - In 2016, a portal to hell opened on earth inside a suburban home. In 2018, another inside an apartment complex. In 2022, a new portal to Hell has opened at a small town campground, unleashing evil creatures into the forest to feast upon the campers and their souls. 


JOHN CARPENTER'S THE FOG - A small coastal town in California is suddenly surrounded by a strange fog that brings with it vengeful spirits of mariners who were killed in a shipwreck. Face off against these sea-faring ghosts as you fight for your life surrounded by dense, haunting fog.  





DREAMSCAPES: FORGOTTEN NIGHTMARES - The Projectionist invites you to catch his new favorite flick, where you'll meet a young man looking to cure himself of nightmares with a new device he invented. Unfortunately, the device brings his nightmares into the real world and they are desperate to turn him into a creature of bad dreams. This energetic show features pulse pounding music, dancing, stunts, aerial  acrobats, and explosive pyrotechnics. Don't miss this all new nightmare. 


NIGHTSHADE PRESENTS: MAGICAL MAYHEM - Our favorite evil clown steps up onto the stage in the CIRQUE DU SHRIEK zone several times a night to show off his magical skills with death-defying tricks and a splash of blood along the way. You may even find yourself on the stage to take on other guests in some frightful trivia. 


That's Fright Forest in a Nutshell. Let me know what you think. Would you attend? What would be the first thing you'd run to? Anything you'd skip? Comment and let me know! 

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15 hours ago, Twilight59 said:

How'd a haunted house based on The Stuff work here?


It would be sort of the comedy house, with the most of the scares coming from the Stuff obsessed "zombie" like folks, but there would be some encounters with the stuff itself, including a room using foam similar to the original Treaks and Foons scarezone. 



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