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Orfan: Children of the Wicked


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Orfan: Children of the Wicked

Parade Warehouse 

“The Salem Witch Trials in Salem , Massachusetts have executed so many witches that they believe that they have eradicated all the witches. However the children born with the blood of witches in their veins that lost their mothers seek one thing: Revenge.


Backstory: During the Salem Witch Trials. The witches hid their children to teach them witchcraft, and protect them from execution. The witches their mothers burned, hanged, and killed while protecting their children from being found. The children complete their training in witchcraft, and Belia begins their retaliation, and revenge against the people of Salem.


Facade/Queue: Beginning at the Kidzones guest would go through the Playtime with Barney queue while going behind the park seeing the facade of a fire, and hearing the story that is said to be untold.


Witches’ lair/Belia’s speech: Entering the warehouse guest go through the lair that the children were hidden via a queue line above before entering is Belia giving her speech to the children witches about their preparations are complete, and their retaliation for revenge against the people of Salem has begun as audio of children cheer. As she continues, guests go through the true entrance underneath her rocklike podium.


Salem Courthouse: Entering the first room which is the courthouse held during the witch trials with multiple seats, the judge desk, and the witness booth. The judge is on his desk dead, and bleeding, and some of the Salem folks dead as the prosecutor pops out of the room via a door disfigured screaming in pain.


Transition: Entering the transitioning hall showing the houses. On the windows shows the settlers being attacked by the children as blood splatter on the windows via projections. A settler with a dislocated jaw comes out of the door screaming for help as a child witch then pops out the opposite end yelling a curse.


Settlers house: Entering the next room shows the adults on the table dead during dinner hearing Belia’s voice getting the children on her side as a settler (actor) with one of his rogue children (puppet) on top of him pops out of a door screaming as his child starts stabbing him.


Transition: Entering a hallway we see another settler on a pole tied up as a red light below simulating that he is being burned alive. On the right before entering the next room a child witch pops out scaring guests yelling a curse.


Second settlers home: Entering the next room sees more dead bodies of the adult settlers as their children are being taught witchcraft by the children witches by cursing a living settler in their circle causing her to “cough up blood” as she goes through a painful metamorphosis. Before exiting to the next room one of the circle children jumpscares the guest angrily demanding that they shouldn’t interrupt the curse. During this we hear Belia telling them to teach the mortal children their witchcraft, and to create guardians out of the adults that didn’t die yet.


Transition: The next transition we hear barn animals noises in fear as two witch children pop out on each side scaring the guests while taunting them that by saying they (the settlers) would be turned into our guardians.


Barn: Entering the barn we see above the hanged bodies of the adult settlers as a settler who is the oldest sibling of his family pops out begging for help as he is turning into a scarecrow with half of his face, and body becoming hay, stakes, and patches while his younger sisters after leaning witchcraft on the other side of the room curse him.


Transition: The next hall shows more houses with projections on the window showing some of the adult settlers turning into monster like guardians. As a witch child name Sirella pops out on the left demanding that they surrender to their will.


Church: Entering the church we see the adults in their seats dead thinking that they would be safe, unknown to them that the witch children has turned the holy sanctuary into a witch sanctuary while some are turned into guardians as they pop out of the sides especially witch children. Above the altar is a preacher tied above the wall with his “organs spelling out”, his eyes gorged out, and his mouth dislocated. Belia speaking saying that this is their sanctuary now.


Cemetery: Exiting the church we entered the cemetery showing the gravestones of the mothers of the witch children as they even the spirits pops out scaring guest with one spirit (reused of the glowing mother figure) is heard saying that she is proud of her daughter Belia as the actual her (actor) jumps out scaring guest.


Witches Lair: Entering the final room guests return to the witches lair in which the witch children, and newly turned guardians after successfully taking over Salem, and completing their revenge jumpscare guests left and right as Bella informed them to spread the word to all witch children that Salem is now under their control, and to prepare for domination of the entire country as Belia makes on final jumpscare as guest exits the house.

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