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Midnight Syndicate and Nox Arcana Songs

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As most of you know Midnight Syndicate and Nox Arcana's  music has been a part of Halloween Horror Nights since the early 2000's and a part of Halloween celebrations around the world since 1998. I wanted to know what was your absolute favorite song by these two artists and why?

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For the Midnight Syndicate track I would have to say Relic Uncovered (Main Gate track from HHN 15), just hearing this track while waiting for the procession of guests to flood through the gates, sent chills up and down my spine listening to the vocalizing monks vocalize this track, such a chilling intro to a perfect event.



Nox Arcana......tough one, I would have to say Haunted Carousel used in HHN 17 as part of the parkwide loop, fits very well with theming back in that event and still sounds creepy.

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