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My HHN 25 Review (Spoilers)


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My group brought the Rush of Fear ticket again this year since we knew we could attend up to three nights (9/24-9/26). I'll break our experience into the three different visits:

We did not get into HHN till 10pm, we just wanted to give ourselves a sneak peek at what the weekend had in store. We decided to venture through the scarezones:
Steampunk Scary Tales (5/10): while it was fun to figure out which character each actor was portraying, this area was not really scary.
Icons (7/10): It was cool to see the icons again after their hiatus, but this area seems to just be photo ops instead of scares. The box sets looked really cool but I would have liked ones that allowed more crowd interaction. This also felt really similar to Fear Revealed setup from XX.
PsychoScareapy Unleashed (8/10) - Full of scare-actors and I felt it really captured the block party atmosphere, got a few scares in here. Great job!
Evil's Roots (10/10) - my favorite scare zone this year, costumes were great and many scare actors teamed up to get double scares. Lots of fun.
All Night Die In (9/10) - I dug the collection of classic monsters in this area, would have been a 10 but I felt the decorations and set pieces were oddly placed I never got the feeling I was at a drive in.
We ate dinner at Finnegan's, awesome! Afterwards we decided to do one house.
American Werewolf in London (7/10) - This was my favorite house two years ago, but I was a little disappointed that it was pretty much the same exact layout and scares as the 2013 version. It's cool that folks who missed out get to experience this, but I guess I was looking for more variety. It's still a great looking house. WAIT TIME: 20mins

Arrived at 6pm, used the hotel guest entrance and went past the first few houses and started our night with...
Freddy Vs. Jason (8/10) - I thought the sets and actors in this house did a great job. Since it was still daylight out my eyes didn't really adjust fully till halfway though but I could still see all the detail. 1428 Elm Street looked great, the Freddy scenes were awesome! I'm a pretty tall guy but some of the Jasons were bigger than me LOL I saw most of the fight sequences and in the end it was Jason who won. WAIT TIME: 15mins
By the time, FvsJ was finished it was raining outside so we high tailed it to through the exit and walked right on Body Collectors.
Body Collectors (8/10) - Anytime the Body Collectors are involved it's usually a good time, glad to see it continuing this year. The entrance into the house was really cool, seeing Shadybrook Asylum made me really excited. The scares were good and the return of the spinal operation was nice. The ending just seemed kinda thrown together and covered with strobe. WAIT TIME: walked right in!!
We took a break to get drinks, use the bathroom, etc. Once it got darker we headed through Evil's Roots (awesome again!) and checked out the Walking Dead house:
Walking Dead (5/10) - I've done every Walking Dead house since they've brought them on board and I have to say it's really getting stale. In their defense, I have not watched the 5th season so I probably have no idea what's supposed to be happening. Also I understand that this house is way for Uni to draw in more crowds, but I'm just saying if the wait was longer I'd probably would have just skipped it. More walkers, less living, more of the same. How about a walking dead house were the crowd represent the walkers ;) WAIT TIME: 15mins
Walked out of the WD exit (man that is a long walk!) and on to...
The Purge (7/10) - Since it was totally dark at this time, my group really got an eyefull of the detail. The guy out front did a marvelous job with providing a mini show (victim included!). Before reading some of forums, I was unaware of that this was supposed to be Scream, which makes sense why the first few rooms seemed so out of play. (also the weird blonde flying in the window), but all in all I think the scare actors did a great job while purging. WAIT TIME: 20mins.
Since we exited right near Insidious we decided to jump in line, the wait time was listed at 45mins:
Insidious (9/10) - The wait for this one was pretty brutal, but for some reason this location is always a long wait, but it was worth it! The sets looked just like the movies. Also, the dark hallway scare was great!! I thought all the actors looked great and got many scares on my group. WAIT TIME: 75mins
The park was getting pretty busy at this point but we wanted to hit another house
Monsters and Mayhem: 25 Years (10/10) - My favorite house this year, from beginning to end I thought it was awesome. It was fun going through all the scenes from the past, but what was the Christmas room supposed to be? I remember PsychoScareapy: Home for the Holidays and HR Blood N Gutz but between the music and design I couldn't pin point what they were shooting for, maybe a homage to both? I didn't see the Director or Storyteller (aside from being pictured on the Scream House wall) during our walk through. Probably my favorite house of the last few years. Eddie and Meety Meat were awesome!! WAIT TIME: 50mins.
At this point we decided to call it a night.  

For this night we splurged and brought express passes so we could experience some our favorite houses again.
Got into the park earlier, we went through RUN during the daylight (saving our express pass for later), but my review is based on our later RUN walk through (which was much better at night). We decided to catch the first showing of Bill & Ted.
Bill & Ted's Show (8/10) - I enjoyed this year's show, but I also enjoy this show every year, although I heard a bunch of complaints from other guests while exiting the theater. I guess I don't go in with big expectations and enjoy the show for what it is, not trying to compare it to the last 14 versions I've seen. I got most of the jokes, although I'm not completely up to date on all things pop culture, but I thought the nods to the older shows were great. I was hoping for montage of clips from the show's past but the fail videos were alright.
Run (6/10) - Much better at night and I liked the Running Man/Warriors vibe but I felt the house could have been better. I could be wrong but I think the original RUN had multiple paths you could take. I get why they can't do that anymore due to larger crowds, but the older houses just seemed more stripped down and scary, today everything has to be flashy and look cool. I remember feeling the same when they did RUN in 2006, I guess the original just holds a special place in my mind. WAIT TIME: 25mins posted (Express Pass - 5 min)
Carnage Returns (6/10) - The stage and special effects looked nice. Jack and Chance looked cool, but I didn't like all the music and extra dancing. Also, why was this a 20 minute show? I guess I got bored of just standing around (getting old lol), also I thought all the extra foul language made it more juvenile rather than more "adult". Just to make sure I wasn't losing my mind I re-watched "The Arrival" from HHN 16 on YouTube and it was only 7 minutes long and included 4 character deaths. So far from what I read everyone is really loving this show but I wasn't really a fan, but I'd say the majority of my dislike is due to it's length. 
Asylum in Wonderland (6/10) - This house was really detailed on the inside and looked nice, but I didn't get a single scare. To me it came off as more a demented fun house. The ending was a neat transition, also caught the big death scene at the exit. It was fun but I would have been really disappointed if I had waited the posted 60 minutes for this house. WAIT TIME: 60mins (Express Pass: 10min)
We went and did all our favorites from the night before and Monsters and Mayhem is still the best house this year in my opinion. Insidious is close second, and I wouldn't say there are any bad houses this year. I'd give the full event an 8/10, it was a good time.
PROS: More houses, interesting scare zones, Rush of Fear is the best way to get the most bang for your buck. The specialty drink was pretty tasty, but the cinnamon gave me a bit of a stomach ache after the 3rd drink. Lines never got insanely long (75 min plus).
CONS: I'd have to say the only thing I wasn't a fan of was all the employees in the houses yelling at everyone to keep moving. I understand why they do this but the majority of the people attending are adults and only need to be told once. If a problem arises, then it should be addressed, but to expect everyone to stay "nuts to butts" the whole time is not going to happen. I'm sure these employees are just doing as they are told but it really interrupts the atmosphere the houses are trying to provide.

Hope everyone enjoyed my review!

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