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Create Your Own Crossover Maze


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With a crossover maze coming to HHN this year (supposedly) I thought it would be fun to make a thread for fictional crossover mazes you would like to see. Just post a description and an overview of your maze idea. I'll start.



The Shadow Creek Enterprise headquarters has been seized by Eddie Schmidt, converting it to a twisted comeback of his gruesomely infamous game show, “RUN.” The dogs of war are now loyal to Eddie, and he commands them to kill. Like always, there is only one way out; to RUN!


The layout is exactly the same as the original HAVOC, however, Eddie has done some work on the scenes. They are much more run down, and chain-link fences crudely cover blown-out walls. Marquee lights and signs litter the maze. The dogs of war’s once-neat clothing are now tattered and torn. The letters “ES” are carved into the forehead of each soldier. Their faces are black with soot and their teeth are horrendously yellow and decayed. The final scare is Eddie. He has injected himself with a prototype steroid that is used on the dogs of war. This makes him much more muscular. He now wears a metal chest-plate and a new, thicker restraint mask that seems as if it’s fused to his face. His hair is also falling out as a result of the steroid. He has swapped out his chainsaw for a combat saw. It looks like a chainsaw, but is much bigger, silver, and has the words “Shadow Creek” carved into the blood-stained blade. A selection of music by White Zombie plays throughout the entire maze.

(Original Picture Source Unknown)


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