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Fans of Universal A&D

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Hi everybody!

The last couple weeks I've been working on making my very own Facebook group, and its called "Fans of Universal Orlando Art and Design". Basically in the group I share events they help plan and design as well upload concept art and videos.. Its in the early stages but its coming nicely, I just upload some concept art from HHN and Grinchmas


If have any questions or comments feel free to ask away

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So the other day I reached a milestone.. 325 members!

I would never thought my facebook group would take off like it did and its not even the 'busy season' for HHN.. I cant imagine how many people might join from sept to oct.

If you joined my group I want to say thank you and stay tune I'm always on the search to add more stuff.. it could video/podcast/images.

Once again thank you.

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