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Completely Spoiler Free Review


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OK, just got back from my 4 day trip and I have to say that the crowds were INSANE. Fast Pass was very helpful, but still took longer than usual to get through the lines.

Houses and Zones are in order of my preferences. I know, the numbers might not match up, but this is what I come up with off the top of my head after going for 4 nights.
1. From Dusk Till Dawn
Honestly had zero interest in this house...but LOVED it. The barker is great as are the sets.
Atmosphere 8
Scares 7
Sets 9
2. Dollhouse of the Damned
Just messed up...went through the house with a few dads and it really freaked them out too.
A 9
S 8
Sets 8
3. Halloween
Non Stop Scares.
A 7
S 10+
Sets 7 (completely accurate for movie, but a bit underwhelming none the less)
4. AvP
Amazing eye candy! Wow, just amazing...and LOUD.
A 10
S 7
Sets 10+
5. The Walking Dead
OK, I didn't go last year so I'm not as Zombied out as everybody...but thought this was really good! The lights on tour might have made me rate it higher, but I REALLY enjoyed it. Minus the one HORRIBLE "cheat" scare.
A 7
S 7
Sets 10
6. Roanoke
I really did like this. After the first night, this was my favorite...but after subsequent visits, it fell down the list. The lights on tour was great though.
A 5
S 7
S 9
7. Giggles and Gore
REALLY disappointed with this one. I thought a clown house would be horrifying, but it wasn't at all. A good house, as all were, but just missed the mark for me.
A 5
S 6
Sets 7
8. Dracula
Just bad. MAYBE if I had seen the movie I'd appreciate the sets more like From Dusk Till Dawn...but just didn't care for it at all.
A 3
S 5
Sets 6
First off, we were told (on the BTS Tour) that the Bayou show ONLY RAN OPENING NIGHT but people "said they weren't scared, and we always listen to our fans and social media, so we pulled the scareactors out and put them in the streets and the ratings went through the roof." That just sucks, I was sooooooooooo looking forward to it.
1. The Purge
Kinda boring regularly, but the auction was just awesome.
A 10 during show, 7 otherwise
S 8
Sets 8
2. Face Off
The costumes/masks were REALLY good. Really enjoyed it...photop with people scaring you.
A 8
S 7
Sets 10
3. Bayou
Such a disappointment that the show wasn't running, but the shack is awesome looking and the zone is DARK and FOGGY.
A 7
S 5
Sets Shack = 10, rest = 5. Overall = 7.
4. MASKerade
Just waaaaaaaaaaay too short. The girls twirling around with their dresses was pretty awesome...but other than that, just boring. Why were all the guys carrying around candle sticks?
A 3
S 4
Sets 3
Shows: Only saw B&T and LOVED it this year. It definitely went from PG (again, didn't go last year) the past few years to a hard PG-13 this year. Said shit a whole bunch of times which was a nice return to form. Full on assault on Disney. The Frozen segment was awesome!
Show Atmosphere 9
Performances 8
Humor 9
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