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The ForeverEvil One's HHN24 Review (To Be Updated)(SPOILERS)


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Ahh...the opening night of HHN. And despite arriving two hours after starting time, me and my father were able to get through five houses.

No Scarezone reviews for now. I'll eventually have a night where I mostly just stay in zones. For now, houses.

From Dusk Till Dawn

I used the "go into the first house you see strategy" and entered From Dusk Till Dawn. Being from what I can tell one of very few people to actually like the TV Show, this was enjoyable for me. The sets felt exactly like the show. The Doorman at the beginning was amusing. Sure, it was a bit bright, but that fit the atmosphere to me. Also, those Culebras were LOUD. DAMN. This house wouldn't have been as scary if every scream you heard didn't travel into your soul through your ear. The finale was basically like Hollywood's. Back into the main room where it is complete chaos and Kate has a chainsaw. I think the Geckos (at least Seth) were there too. Also, this house accomplished the task of actually making my dad (who likes the event but isn't scared thanks to the conga line) jump (I believe it was some Culebra that ran out of some fog he told me. Didn't think it would be that easy.)

Walking Dead and AVP were 90 Minutes each. This being the first day and me wanting to get moar houses in, we went to the much preferable 50 (In real life, 40) minute wait for Dracula.

Dracula Untold: Reign of Blood

Oddly enough, my anticipation actually increased for this house despite everything. Even after my Aunt informed me that it wasn't scary from EP, I was still looking forward to this A LOT more than I should have. Beautiful Sets. Just gonna say that. I'm happy we stuck to the castle siege instead of starting in the cave. No offense to Hollywood, but that cave looked boring. A Turkish solider (they looked cool by the way) whispered right in my ear "I'm right here" after an instinctive turn away. Terrifying. Had a pretty good scare when I was fooled into thinking a room with three people only had two. I only learned the truth when I saw the first two scare the people in front of us, then I turned to find myself face-to-face with a third one. Dracula biting that one Turkish Soldier in the boohole was awesome. I sadly forgot the finale. Oh yeah, arrow guy was awesome too. and Baba Yaga's hut. And the burning village. I just really liked this, and it feels weird.

Proceeded up to Disaster and Giggles and Gore.

Giggles and Gore Inc.

Waited an hour for this one. The queue..."compilation" of clown photos was good for the first 15 or so minutes. Then it got annoying especially with the rock music. Thank god it wasn't the generic carnival music. 1. It would have been cheesy, and 2. I may have bashed my skull into something, hearing that for an entire hour. But in the end, it was all worth it. My most anticipated original lived up to it. Longer than probably anyone thought. Several terrifying and loud sounds. Was indeed quite gorey. Loved all the cheesy warning signs. And that finale, jesus christ. Call me weird, but it almost looked like how the House of Horrors (Orlando) finale was, just replace film strips with colored and spotted fabric and classic monsters with a chainsaw-wielding clown. Was there mirrors in that finale as well? Was not able to press the GAT, but someone else did right in front of me. Also, the cast change was cool. First time I've seen that. I just feel like the house should of had a bit more color, though maybe I'm trying to make this Hollywood's Clowns. On that topic, both clown mazes had the ripping out guts scene. Actually had a bit of a chuckle at that. In the end, I'm satisfied.

Me and my Dad had accepted that with 25 Minutes left, that was our last house, however solace came in the form of a 15 minute wait for....

Dollhouse of the Damned

Well, starting off....DAMN. CREEPY. THIS WAS. Love that facade. Several people in the line made jokes about how they should get an inspector for the house's oddness. From room one, I just creeped out. I never was THAT creeped out about dolls, UNTIL this. That crib room made my jaw drop from the sheer oddity and basically suddenness from it's appearance. The dolls disguised as walls were good. The ballerina room nearly broke me. The finale was interesting (GIANT DOLL HEADS, OH GOD). There was so much creep factor in this houses that I would need another probably two or three runthroughs to fully comprehend everything. Also, my dad's favorite house.

We came out next to Halloween and we heard four beautiful words: "Final run for Halloween". And to the Myers house, we went.


Was cool to do this after midnight. Got to be part of essentially the last entire group of both Halloween and the night in general. Very good and very accurate. I love that accurate facade. I love those projections. One problem was that the two girls behind us were in "so scared we will accidentally tackle the person in front of us" mode. Didn't kill the maze that much though. The opening was awesome with the instant kid Myers clown to adult Myers Shatner. Got a guy behind me pretty good. The scene with the multiple fake Myers was a nightmare. Those damn trick or treaters got me. And that finale. Oh, that finale. I literally shouted "LOOMIS!" as I saw the Loomis in question. Awesome. The Laurie? Awesome. The Judith grave? Awesome. The Closet Scene? Awesome. All I can say is well...Awesome. Will take another run through without killer tackling girls, hopefully.

And that's my opening night. Will do Walking Dead, AVP, and Roanoke...today I guess at the time of this review.

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This entire second night was just "meh". No house I went in scared me the entire way except The Walking Dead. Got to walk through Maskerade, with all actors out. Set and costume designs are cool. Didn't get any scares (A running theme).

The Walking Dead: End Of The Line

Started off the night with this 90-Minute wait. I was never through a Walking Dead maze before this, so that may have helped a bit with scares. Had lots of fun naming all the environments. This was REALLY good, to me. I got caught with at least two different two person scares. The prison was cool. Loved Terminus. Big Spot, I didn't get any scares (and yes, I did see the cheesy horde effect. At least Hollywood's was fast, to HIDE the cheesiness, and you know, to actually scare people.) In all, I was quite satisfied.

AVP was CLOSED for something. Thus Roanoke.

Roanoke: Cannibal Colony

Sign said "15 Minutes". Real Time: Walk-on. LOVED the sets. Actually felt like I was in a colony. Not too many scares sadly. Not that memorable either. I remember the facade, the scene with the guy burning on the "Grill"?, and the Finale. That's it. Cast change happened right before we went in, so that may have contributed to lack of scares. Will need to redo.

Went through Face-Off to waste some time just to assure AVP would be unclosed. Got some pretty good scares.

Alien vs Predator

*sighs* I saw such good reviews. I do truly think somethings were broken. No scares here. Yikes. DRACULA got me just about every room, this got me...none. The facehuggers were cheesy to me. The Alien puppets and Predators looked BADASS. The soldiers didn't scare me. Did like the sets, though I could really say that for every house. Will DEFIANTLY REDO THIS ONE. Just had bad timing in the end, hopefully.

Did Revenge of the Mummy, MIB, and Simpsons to waste time.

Repeated Dollhouse and Giggles. Didn't get nearly as much scares on either. Giggles was walk-on. Dollhouse was still good the first half, though it died down the second half. Giggles was here and there. Want to repeat Dusk Till Dawn and Dracula next time.

Top three presently are Walking Dead, Dracula Untold, and Dollhouse (despite the meh second run.). Halloween, Dusk Till Dawn, and Giggles take up the middle. Roanoke and sadly AVP are currently my bottom two. Will see what happens next Thursday or Friday.

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Night Three was a definite improvement over Night Two.

Avoided scarezones with the exception of a short run through the Purge, because it's unavoidable.

Repeated From Dusk Till Dawn. Once again, got really good scares throughout the entire house.

Then did Dracula. A bit scareless until the village, then things were all scary from there. The room with the three people got me again, as well as the Dracula attacking the soldier, which I was face to face to this time. Still a REALLY good house to me. Keeps it's top three position.

Roanoke. Big improvement. Got quite a bit of scares, especially from the close quarters areas. Satisfied compared to last time. That cast change is amazing especially with the headless dude.

Halloween. 90 Minute Wait. Got hit with more scares than I did on my first run. Worth the 90 Minutes.

Finally, Dollhouse. I don't know why or how, but I literally cracked during this maze. Went through it just screaming normally back on opening weekend. But this time, yikes. This run puts it at number one.

Rankings as of 9/26/14:

1. Dollhouse of the Damned - A great third run, combined with the other two, boosts this to number one.

2. Dracula Untold- A great second run keeps this at a great number two.

3. Halloween- A fantastic second run without annoying people boosts this quite a bit.

4. From Dusk Till Dawn- Two great runs, just the top three are better.

5. The Walking Dead- From number three to number five, this isn't a bad thing, it's another the other things were scarier thing. Perhaps a rerun could boost this if I get the same agressiveness.

6. Giggles and Gore Inc- Again, number six does not mean bad, just the other things got me more scares. Do want to rerun for a third time.

7. Roanoke- While I can actually say I got scared in this house this time, it doesn't get a boost up. Will probably stay here unless one of it's above houses suddenly falls badly.

AVP, I'm not putting on until I get a PROPER run through.

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Night 4 started with an AVP repeat. MUCH BETTER. Everything was working, got some cool scares, the crawlspace. Was great to actually experience this maze.

Then Rocky Horror Picture Show. Thought it was okay despite not really knowing the source material. Saw some people leave at the first somewhat sexual sight, got a laugh out of me.

Repeated Giggles. Sadly had a severe case of bad timing. I just love this maze so much I don't really mind that much. Tried the buttons near the High Voltage sign. Not sure if they actually did anything.

Repeated Roanoke. Got to see Headless Corpse man scare, as well as Fleshless Lady. Once again, another good run in this house.

Then the night ended for me thanks to downpour. Happy with what I got in during the night though.

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My Rush of Fear pass has ended, and thus it's time...for FINAL OPINIONS (From my favorite to my...least? From favorite favorite to just favorite):

Before I say anything, no house really "disappointed" me. Let's begin.

Dracula Untold: Reign of Blood

Yep, this house moved back into it's number one position. I just loved it and I don't know why. This was actually my lowest on anticipation. I kept expectations low, but made sure to be open minded. I mean, it's one of THE original monsters. DRACULA, if it's bad, it couldn't be THAT bad. And wouldn't you know it, that was a great thing to do. The facade looked cool, if not a little generic. Yeah, the sets in general were basically gothic architecture, with the exception of Baba Yaga's shop/house, but I don't know. I'll be honest, that almost immersed me into it more than the other houses would with their settings. The living statues to start off got some decent scares out of me. Going through the first time, I was worried, since I was like "Really, the living statue gag?". That's the only part that dosen't fit into the "Turks invade Dracula's castle" theme. Then we get our first meeting with Vlad. The first runs he was popping out, later runs he was half out, lunging at people. We meet who I believe is "The Master" next. Sadly I missed him quite a bit (I was able to get one really good face to face scare with him though.). I saw the bat effect everytime, and it did get a bit cheesy after a while. However, the Vlad holding the head scare made up for it. Always INTENSE. Village. Old man always got scares out of people, yet the Turk in that room seemed to fall flat half the time. Found that very amusing. Burning effects were good. Baba Yaga's shop was my favorite set wise. All the skulls and cages. First one, I didn't catch until my second half of days. Got the one on the raised platform a few time as well. Then the arrow room was pretty cool. Basically always got a scare from that, and I don't know why. Castle walls part was awesome. First Turk is always intimidating. Then Dracula biting the second soldier is one of my favorite scenes ever. Three vampire room never failed to scare me. Then the finale was pretty cool. The guys on stakes and one final Dracula. I like how you get to see the facade leaving. It feels like you accidentally went into the past and are now exiting back into the present.

Dollhouse of the Damned

Opening words: Creepy. Everything is really REALLY creepy. One of my favorite facades. So offputtingly colorful. The random doll torsos got a chuckle out of me. The baby dolls brought fear. Also, did they randomly add a mailbox after a week or two? I swear there wasn't one there the first week. Anyway, first room with the Raggedy Anns. Lady on the wall always got me, the other guy I NEVER got. Babies. Never scary, but very creepy. Didn't notice a second crib one until a few nights in. Guy in the highchair was always very good. The doctor room was good. The girl and guy on the table were both good. Only really got the dollfaced doctor once. Then Teddy Ruxpin. Always scary, always on spot. Tin Soldier was good at what he did. Then Poncho Man. What is his relevance? He got me a few times, but why XD? Lady will dollhead for mouth, confusing but incredibly creepy. Guy with heads in doll parts....huh? Never got his scare except once. Ballerinas always got me. Mummys always got me. Never could tell what was happening in finale besides giant doll heads.

This will be edited over time.

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