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Halloween Horror Nights: Second Chances


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Halloween Horror Nights 24: Second Chances

Story: Fate, the almost HHN 15 AND 21 icon has been shelved two times in favor of an undeveloped icon, then a terribly used icon. However, this year she finally gets her chance. As a present, she’s giving all of the horrible mazes and scare zones of Halloween Horror Nights a second chance. It is fate that they were meant to fail, or were they simply unlucky.


Second Chances (Parade Warehouse):

Fate herself takes you through a compilation of the worst of the worst in an attempt to improve them to your and THEIR liking… can you make it through or will these failures succeed on their second chance?

Houses featured in this maze:


PsychoScareapy: Echoes of Shadybrook

Where Evil Hides

Cold Blind Terror

Doomsday (2008)

PUTS: Under Construction


Jack’s Funhouse


Jungle of Doom

The Spawning: ReSpawned (Disaster! Queue):

When a thunderstorm wets up the county, The Sculders return and they’ve come out of the sewer! Wyandot County is in complete danger as these creatures rampage through the dark, wet county. You must go everywhere, from the now barren Meetz Factory to the Hartford Mansion. But it must end where it began…

Reflections of Fear: Dark Reflections (Soundstage 20A):

Bloody Mary returns with a bloodlust. After being driven out of Universal Studios back in 2008, she returns with new minions by her side determined to make your life hell. To drive her out again, you must enter the mirror and confront her in her own dimension. Saying it is easier than doing it…

Dungeon of Terra (Soundstage 20B):

After a long delay, the Storyteller returns, repossessing the Dungeon of Terror. However, this year she has recruited her allies from Terra Cruentas. From the Skoolchildren to the brand new Terra Queen, they shall turn the Dungeon upside down!

Disorientalogy (Sprung Tent 1):

The Disorientorium is working on new tactics to disorient it’s victims. And guess what? The next test subject is you! Just remember, up is left, down is right, dawn is dusk, and the end is only the beginning!

The Orfanage: Reconstructed from the Ashes (Sprung Tent 2) :

After years of dispute, the Good Harvest Orphanage has been rebuilt. Cindy Caine is now a local legend. However, after a bullied girl in need accidently calls Cindy back, the residents learn the legend is more true than they ever wanted it to!

Vampyres Take New York (Soundstage 21A):

A new vampyr has taken possession of the Blood Bath nightclub from Castle Vampyr. Her plan is a bit different. No luring, just hunting. Vampyres are engulfing New York City! From the Golden Gate Bridge to The Statue of Liberty, no where is safe!

Fear Factor: Severe Fear (Soundstage 21B):

Wander through a pitch black darkness only lit by arrows on the floors and walls as you use your senses to test what lurks around you. But what lurks around you likes to touch it’s prey…


Containment: Breached:

The bunker around the infected soldiers had a few holes “accidently poked in it.” Now they roam the streets looking for victims!

Turn of Luck: Fate was nice enough to let her “friend”, Lady Luck have her own second chance. However, Lady Luck attempts to rebel against Fate and her followers.

Legions of Horror: Fate has brought back the Iniquitas and their followers for their second chance! You had a chance at avoiding them before, but now you have no way out of this encounter!

Midway of the Bizarre: Under New Management:

The unknown Dr.Morose has taken control of the Midway of the Bizarre! Can his new ideas help?

BOOVILLE: Now With Scares!:

Fate has has a backwards Whoville made by her minions and then unleashed ghosts on to it for extra fun…


Fate is connected to everything except Fear Factor. It is said that Fate could make certain events to happen to make the events of the mazes and scare zones happen. It is hinted she is responsible for all the mazes and scarezones’ original failures.

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Hello. Ever since I first read this fan event, I have become weirdly obsessed with this idea even creating a basic map of it and a whole notes page about it on my IPad. So, can you remember any more details about this idea? I understand if you can't or won't reply to this reply but I want to know more about this from the creator. P.S in my notes I have added a 9th house based on the poor reception of Chance's house last year, putting it in Soundstage 22. I have also moved The Spawning: ReSpawned to SS19 because the Disaster! queue doesn't exists any more and moved Fear Factor: Severe Fear to the Shrek Theatre/er because soundstage 21 and  soundstage 19 have always queued in the same place (except Resident Evil in 2013, which queued in the Universal Music Plaza). If you object to any of this, please say in the reply.

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What appeals the most to me about this idea is that it gives Universal the chance to revisit old shames, acknowledge that they sucked, and change them for the better. Or maybe it's just because it would bring Dr Agana back and she is (if you can't guess) my favorite icon. 


(Though Universal probably couldn't get Lionsgate to put Saw in a 'worst of the worst' house, so you'd probably have to go all original for that).

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