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Halloween Horror Blogs


What maze would you like to see turned into a blog?  

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  1. 1. What maze?

    • Nightingales: Would involve someone's relative going to the hospital and being murdered, then will be a mystery until a big reveal. Obviously would be after events of Blood Prey.
    • Holidays of Horror: More of an anthology blog involving Bloodengutz giving a blood and gore filled summary on the holiday of the day, with possibly a bit of what happens in the maze involved. Would be during and after the events of the maze.
    • Saws and Steam: A "lucky" person passes the test to join the Horizon... at the age of 29. After discovering the truth, he/she must escape and spread the word. Before,during, and after maze.
    • Leave it to Cleaver: Similiar in vain to Saws and Steam except the protagonist will be working at the Meetz Factory. The outcome would be the same (attempt to spread the word), but with more comedy. Before,during,and after maze.
    • PsychoScareapy: The daily life of an Shadybrook employee, dealing with crazy psychopathic inmates and the occasional clown. Before EOSB
    • I don't like these ideas, I want (insert maze here) to be one. Inform me of the maze you want. Enough wants and it may be added to the poll.
    • This entire idea (of blogs and stuff) is not a good idea. Don't even try.

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The reception to this idea will probably go only one way. Horror Nights has lots of great original characters and locations. An idea I recently thought of was what if these characters were put into blogs like Slend- I'm not going to finish that statement in fear of the Hollywood denizens lynching me. Let's have a better example. What if they were put into blogs like The Fear Mythos (That's better) . I have a few ideas on possible ones to do. But I need some input on this. By the way, characters will be credited to Universal Studios (so don't worry about that.), with the exception of whoever the protagonist is (unless the protagonist was also created by Universal, like Charlie McPherson) So yeah...enjoy and vote honestly, I guess.

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I've decided to give more input on each of these ideas, just in case the summary isn't enough.


Title: Night Rounds

Protagonist: Ethan Cavelle Jr, grandson to Mark Cavelle, famous WWI soldier who was friends with Edward Rommel.

Notes: Would mention events in Blood Prey (like the famous body rip scene, definitely the ripping scene.)

Lady Luck will be mentioned and even appear eventually (This would also happen with HOH and SNS).

Holidays of Horror

Title: Holidays of Horror: Featuring H.R.Bloodengutz (A reverse of the original title.)

Protagonist: There will be no protagonist as Bloodengutz is still a psycho and is quite vengeful.

Notes: Events of maze will be mentioned (The producer will be mentioned, for example)

How Bloodengutz's rampage finally ended will be revealed...

Saws and Steam

Titles: Into the Horizon and The Official Horizon Update Blog

Protagonists: ItH: Sean Stern, "Lucky" guy who passes the test to come to The Horizon.

OHUB: No protagonist as it is run by The Horizon

Notes: This "story" is split in two, ItH involving the truth behind The Horizon and OHUB trying to hide it, along with updating major things happening.

Leave it to Cleaver

Title: ??? (Suggestions appreciated)

Protagonists: Tommy LeVer, recent recruit for the Meetz Meats factory in Carey, Ohio

Notes: Would feature the aftermath of the maze (as it was meant to be a tour, in story.)

Would have comedy involved, like the maze.


Title: Life in Shadybrook

Protagonist: Phil Hanes, man who was recruited to Shadybrook for helping in the Christmas "incident".

Notes: Would be quite comedic, like the mazes.

May have Jack appear or be mentioned, as a reference to Maximum Madness

Inmates would all have unique personalities.

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