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Fright Forest - Game Over


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Fright Forest is a writing exercise I task myself with doing every year to create an HHN style event of my very own from top to bottom. The previous event, 2019's Tales to Terrify, can be found in the link below.

So obviously things got a bit...delayed, and I decided to hold off on doing it last year since the world was crazy and who knew what was going to happen, but even that got worked into the story for the event. This is the 13th year of the event, and the original concept was to tie it into luck, 2019's video game vibe at HHN really inspired me, so it became truly inspired by the world of horror video games. So without further ado, I present 


Located at Adventure Gardens Resort

Fright Forest was set to celebrate it's 13th year as a Halloween event when the events of 2020 took place, and the event was placed on hold. Construction was haulted, and many of the attractions were torn down and stored away to be used in the future. Some scenes from the event's biggest house, The Dead Beyond, were left standing and a walkthrough musuem of the event's history was presented to day guests at the park, with teases of what would come in 2021. 

With 2021 here, the event is finally going ahead full steam. Featuring four IPs picked from the most terrifying video games in existence, to five original concepts to terrorize and horrify, the event is as crazy as it has ever been. 

EVENT ICON: The Witch from the Beyond 
EVENT STORY:  The Springdale Arcade sits closed, abandoned for many years, but once it was the hotspot for the youth of the small New England town of Springdale. Even the rise of home video game consoles didn’t quell its popularity, but all that changed when a new game arrived in the summer of 1989. A game cabinet simply named The Dead Beyond. After the arrival of the game, the patrons were intrigued but unable to play the game past its first level, finding it to be one of the most difficult video games ever made, but what was even stranger was the ominous things that began to happen in the store when the sun went down. Strange noises, objects floating on their own, and a strange sticky red substance oozing from the screen of the cabinet. Things finally came to a head when one of the employees of the arcade went missing after they were last seen attempting to beat the first level. Many people believed the game to be haunted by the spirit of an ancient witch who is seeking to escape into the mortal world. With the owners blamed by the town for the disappearance of the employee, the arcade quickly closed its doors, and never opened again, but it has sat since then, rotting away.

The world of the haunted game will spread across the event, featuring in its signature house as well as scare zones where the spirit of the Witch from the Beyond will be seen, heard and felt throughout. She wants to re-enter our world, to take physical form and wreak havoc on the souls of those who dare cross her path. 



The Dead Beyond - Enter the abandoned Springdale Arcade and find yourself face to face with the haunted game that holds the twisted spirit of an ancient witch. She'll do anything to escape, including trapping you in a world of digital nightmares and horros inspired by classic arcade and video games. Survive a Pac-Man inspired Ghost Attack, Come Face to Face with a barrel throwing titan and the poor fool who tried to jump, and much more. Can you escape the static and return to the real world, or will the witch beat you to it, and release her evil to mankind. 





Dead By Daylight - Come face to face with the many infamous killers of the hit game Dead by Daylight. Can you survive their horrible wrath? Only one way to find out. No trip through the house will be quite the same, as new killers will materialize throughout the evening to hunt you down before the sun rises. 




Junkyard of Lost Souls - Mountains of scrap metal and heaps of junk make a home for a murderous group of maniacs who want to welcome you to their home with open knives. The world throws away so much, and they claim it all, and they will lay claim to you too if you dare enter this evil junkyard. 



Resident Evil: Village - Follow in the footsteps of Ethan Winters and venture into a strange European village and encounter the acolytes of Mother Miranda who will stop at nothing to hunt Ethan…and now you. (Yes, that means Lady Dimitrescu too) 
Live the horror from the most talked about Resident Evil game in years. 





Terror in Tumbleweed - The town of Tumbleweed is a quiet little western town until the arrival of a mysterious traveling salesman who claims his amazing products can cure the sick and heal the wounded. Several members of the town begin to mutate into ghastly zombie like creatures after sampling his wares, and the rest of the town must defend itself from their former loved ones, now thirsty for blood and brains. 




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Five Night’s at Freddy’s: Survive the Night - Venture into the infamous pizzeria and face the fright as you meet Freddy Fazbear and his heinous friends. With very little light to guide you, can you survive the night and make it out alive? Highly unlikely, but you are welcome to try. 




(Forgive the typo in this art, it has since been updated but I don't have a photo of it lol)


Nightshade presents Midway Mayhem - Take a stroll down the midway and have the night of your afterlife when you encounter infamous Fright Forest icon Nightshade the Clown as he and his horde of hideous carnies and clowns take over and make your visit a living hell. Don't like clowns? Too damn bad. 



Bioshock: Welcome to Rapture - Enter the epic undersea realm from the hit video game series and find yourself at the heart of the mystery of Rapture. Just make sure to watch out for Big Daddy. 





Escape from Warehouse 91 - Far on the outskirts of Springdale is a government facility that houses some of the most evil entities to ever exist. Containment has been breached and specalized agents like yourself have been asked to enter and lockdown the facility, but you'll find that many of these entities do not play nice, and are out for the blood of those who have kept them locked up. Loosely inspired by the tales of SCP, this house takes you into a world of horror and mystery unlike anything ever presented before at Fright Forest. 




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THE GATEWAY (Unofficial Zone at Entrance of Park) 
Thumping music, lasers light shows, and fog fill the area to welcome you to the digital world of Fright Forest 2021, complete a demented DJ to greet you. 



All Hallows Eve: There goes the Neighborhood - A curse has descended on this particular street in Springdale. Overnight, the sunny little suburban neighborhood has become haunted, houses twisting and turning into old, forboding buildings, with Jack o Lanterns and Scarecrows stalking, all doing the bidding of the true Spirit of Halloween (Former House becomes a Zone) 



Ghosts from the Machine - The Witch from the Beyond has almost broken through to our reality and she is bringing terrifying versions of video game characters you grew up loving with her, transforming the city streets into a blood soaked nightmare with no way to save or reload. 




Alan Wake - Discover the horrific mysteries of Bright Falls, Washington along side author Alan Wake as the strange events of his latest novel come to life in terrifying detail. Inspired by the beloved horror game. 



Deaducation: Prom Night - The local high school's prom night has been disrupted by something evil as waring factions of vampires and werewolves make the dancefloor their battleground, tearing each other and the poor prom goers to shreds. Whichever side wins, you lose. 




Nightmare Alley - Journey back to the roots of the event as seemingly ordinary alley becomes home to the nightmares of a young boy who finds his dreams coming to life in vivid detail just outside his home. A zombie invasion, strange beasts of unknown origin, and aliens experimenting on unwilling victims, it's all here in Nightmare Alley.





Dreamscapes 2.0 - A young man suffering from horrible nightmares submits to a brand new kind of therapy, but finds himself transported into a digital rendering of his dreams. His only way out is to face the horrors within. Join him on this journey with high energy dancing, pyrotechnics, acrobatics, and a thumping soundtrack that will wake the dead. 



Trivia Murder Party Live! - Watch as real guests take their place as contestants in this wildly irreverent and funny take on trivia. Challenges from the game will be mixed with real life gross out challenges that will test the stomach strength of any normal person. Dare you sign up? 


That wraps up the event line up for Fright Forest's 2021 event, the 13th year of fear. The event may be called Game Over, but the event is just getting started. See you in the fog, and see you next year for Fright Forest 14

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