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HHN: Darkness Within


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Hey there, everyone. I've been thinking about my own idea for a Halloween Horror Nights event. I've got a solid idea for the icon and basic ideas for the houses and scare zones. If anyone would like to collaborate with me on it, I'd love to work with someone to do treatments for each of the houses for what they would be like room by room.

Anyway, onto my idea:

Halloween Horror Nights: Darkness Within

Tagline: Are you prepared for the evil within?

Icon: The Darkwatcher

Backstory: Ever since the dawn of man, people have been observed by a collection of beings known as the Watchers. They keep an eye on humanity, watching their development and their progression. The Watchers hope that one day, humanity may truly achieve greatness beyond their flaws. However, one of the Watchers found himself drawn to something else: mankind's cruelty. He watched the shortcomings with interest, finding himself intrigued with their brutality, their greed, their faults. His curiosity and interest then grew into delight, as he gained a sadistic joy from his watching. One day, he was discovered to have broken the Watchers' vow and directly interfered. Cast out from the Watchers, he has since become known as the Darkwatcher, presenting himself as a man dressed head to toe in black, from his suit to his cloak to the dark fedora resting on his head. Now, he travels the world, observing the injustices man inflicts on man...and sometimes guiding things to those results.


Darkness Within: Torment of the Ages

Within the crumbling halls of a tourist attraction known as the Museum of Evil, the Darkwatcher has taken up residence among the exhibits showcasing killers and madmen from days past. Step inside if you dare, for the Darkwatcher has brought life to these historical horrors once more and they’re ready to continue their work.

BioShock: Rapture’s Descent

Businessman Andrew Ryan founded the city of Rapture as an underwater utopia where people could create without restraint from morality or otherwise. Now, with its people warped by a mutagen known as ADAM, Rapture is at war with itself. Watch where you go, for if the depraved citizens don’t get you, then Ryan’s security forces will.

Samedi’s Realm: Voodoo of the Bayou

Out in the swampland of Louisiana, an ancient mansion was home to dark and powerful voodoo. That magic continues its work, as zombies walk the grounds intent to keep out any trespassers who wish to witness the horrible beings of the other side.

Urban Legends: Wendigo

Legends tell of the Wendigo, a creature that arises when a human has feasted upon the flesh of another. The halls of Alamodot Outpost, a 19th-century Alaskan trade outpost which fell prey to starvation and cannibalism, serve to show that legends can have truth to them.

Arcanium: Game Over

In the testing labs of SynTech, step up and plug in to the next evolution of gaming that’s harder than your average first-person shooter. The name of the game is Arcanium and in it, the enemies will hurt you for real and no extra lives or save points will protect you.

Organ Harvest: Under the Knife

At the Golden Heart Medical Facility, they promise the very best in treating those who have been severely incapacitated. Behind its polished doors and professional staff, however, lies a plot to gather organs from the patients and sell them to high-priced clients. Watch out, for you might become their next patient.

Soul-Suckers of Sorority Row

Welcome to Carey University, where the girls of Sigma Epsilon Xi are known to throw a hell of a party. However, they may have heavenly bodies, but their personalities are downright demonic.

Nyarlathotep: the Crawling Chaos

For one night only, at the Dunwich Speaking Hall, is Nyarlathotep! Come in and learn the cosmic truths he seeks to share! It is guaranteed that his scientific demonstration will change you...

Scare Zones:

The Shadow over Innsmouth

Desperate to survive in the midst of turmoil, town members offered human sacrifices to fish-frog men known as the Deep Ones in exchange for prosperity. Now, the town’s population bears an amphibious look and don’t take kindly to strangers who venture in.

Silent Hill

A siren sounds. A thick fog rolls in. Buildings crumble around you. In front of you lie the streets of Silent Hill, a small town home to unspeakable horrors. Now, the darkness that has taken hold over the town draws you in…

Highland Flesh Eaters

Among the foggy moors of Scotland, Sawney Bean and his clan of cannibals hunt for unsuspecting victims in the dead of night. As you walk by the caves there, watch out for eyes peering from the darkness: they’ll be the last thing you see.

The Freakshow

Hurry, hurry, hurry! Step right up and see Dr. Morbid’s Sideshow of the Strange. Witness the bizarre abominations and oddities of nature that make their home along the midway. Who knows? Maybe they might even add you to the show.

Havoc: War Zone

Shadow Creek Enterprises had developed a new line of elite soldiers, soldiers driven to rage and who had taken over the facility. They have now gotten free from the building, taking to the streets and launching their own personal war.

Hangman’s Harbor

Along the wharf of Halton Harbor, a brutal crime spree and the resulting massacre of "justice" resulted in the district earning the nickname of Hangman's Harbor. They say that, when the moon is full and the fog rolls in, you can see the spirits of the lost souls wandering and still wrapped in their final moments.

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I think the Wendingo maze sounds really cool and unique. Really cool stuff!

Thanks. The wendigo is a monster you don't hear about much in horror stuff nowadays and I thought the idea of the creature could work as the subject for a house within the theme I kind of have going.

By the way, saw your thread. Some good ideas and hope things unfold nicely over there. Maybe you might like to collaborate some with me on doing write-ups for my houses? I know you also have your thing, but I'd appreciate the chance to flesh out from the descriptions I have to room-by-room breakdowns for them with someone else.

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