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ScreamHouse scenes

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I discovered an old forum thread that detailed the scenes of Screamhouse. From here:

The Scream House line was about 20 minutes by the time we reached it. A large banner hung from the building with the Caretaker beckoning the guests. On the side of the studio a light shown that read Scream House: Your Time Has Come. The line featured stone gargoyles, bodies strewn aside, and cobwebbed trees. The entrance to the studio had a graveyard painted above the opening to the studio. Once inside, you find yourself in the front yard of the Scream House with what can be called a preshow. There was a video depicting newspaper articles of the events that had occurred, the bloodied bodies found in the kitchen, and, of course, the Caretaker staring you down. The premise of this maze is one that is truly chilling after you watch the video and get into the maze.


You enter through the front door into a room with a piano, which appears to be playing itself. To the right, there is a dark corner, you can't really make out what's there, but before you find out a ghoul leaps out. You wander the corridors of a ragged house: wallpaper tearing and old family pictures crooked. As you turn the corner and prepare to enter the kitchen, a body dangles by a noose in a deep closet that gives the actor something to hide in. The kitchen is a grisly scene. Bodies strewn everywhere, mad doctors behind blood stained curtains, and even a mutilated body that looks fake but is actually an actor. You exit this area into the pantry, one of the shelves with food slides back and reveals an actor that produces a loud burping sound.

From here there are a series of zig zag pathways. At the end of each path there would be a dimly lit scene. In the dark paths, there were free-roaming actors (some with chainsaws) and wet body bags. After more halls, you enter a courtyard with small cells and troubled people wandering the yard. You reenter the final leg of the house. The background music, which was faint before, was now getting more intense. You could hear what it was saying now, it was the Caretaker discussing evil and how to disassemble a body. It intensified and ghouls came out of every dark corner. An actor peeked out of a wall of face skin. As I came to the end I saw the Caretaker ahead of me his infamous tool. All of a sudden he lurched forward, but I soon realized I was looking at a mirror and he was actually coming up behind me. As he snapped his tool, he proclaimed, "Your time has come! We exited the maze, and there was an employee asking everyone if they were ok. 

We decided to give the maze another go since that was probably as short as it would get all night, which now had a wait of 45 minutes. By now, a sideshow act was going on in line. It was a reptile man whose main act was to have a snake go through his nose and out his mouth. He also did such acts like escaping from a straightjacket and getting darts thrown into his back.

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