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Text Message Games 2010

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I don't know if anyone cataloged them, but someone might have.

The only two I remember were Psychoscarepy and Dogs of War. Psychoscarepy was a choose your own ending kind of ordeal. At one moment in the game you were hiding in the bathroom. Someone was coming down the hallway and so you had the option to wait and see if the person came in, or hide in the bathtub full of blood. I think the right choice was to wait and not go in the tub (I think the person was the security guard, but I could be wrong on that one).

The Dogs of War one was like a survey. It asked you info about yourself (weight and things like that). It was essentially filling out your form to become a dog of war.

That's all I really remember. Sorry. I hope someone cataloged them. *crosses fingers*

Here's a picture I took of the sign for the text game when I was queuing for Psychoscarepy way back when.


Oh, and when I went to get this photo, I found that I actually took more. :)



If I remember anything from the Catacombs one, it's that it had a lot, or at least a little to do with claustrophobia...go figure haha.

I also vaguely remember the Legendary Truth one now...

Oh and if you're gonna try to text the numbers to see if they still work, they don't. This past summer while waiting for HHN 22, I was bored and tried it...but it didn't work.

Well until someone sheds more light on the games, I hope this will tide you over...but probably not...my memories are pretty lackluster at this point.

Oh and tell me to "save it for the wishful thinking thread," but I want these to return. I had fun doing these. Approved for 23! :lol:

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