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giant's first trip


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So the time of year has come where I step out of the shadows...

Initial reaction: Much better than I heard in other reviews. A fun HHN, but certainly not the best. Let's get to it.

House of Horrors: I really like the visuals in this house. I know we saw it in Dead Exposure, however I thought it really worked for the properties. My main complaint (and was a common complaint throughout the houses) was that there wasn't much creativity of hiding the scares. Also, as others have said, the house was too dark. Several scares were ruined because I couldn't see the scare. Also, my height made it hard for me to experience the tunnel. The actors seemed to be giving it their all. though :)


Alice Cooper: I'm a big fan of Alice, and I did love this house. Got a great scare near the stained glass window. Some scare opportunities were missed due to actors lingering. Hopefully they improve this over the event.


Penn and Teller: Had fun in here...didn't receive a single scare though. The light room gave me a headache and made me a bit nauseous. I enjoyed the control room. Loved the creative costumes.


The Walking Dead: I was really excited for this one. It started out great, a few good scare opportunities, but then they became a little too predictable. They became predictable, and started getting a lot of stare downs (which I hate). Some also need to watch a little more of the show to get the movements of the zombies down. Things got better in the barn. The end going through the fences, was that supposed to be part of the house? I saw actors staring at the line out of holes in the fence. I was confused. If it's the end of the house, then make it epic!


Gothic: One of my favorites of the night. The scares were on point. The sets were beautiful. Loved looking down into the cathedral and going to the roof. One of my favorites of all time.


Silent Hill: I was really excited for this house. Absolutely beautiful house. I wish Pyramid Head was given more of a scare opportunity. I saw one nurse who had the movements down perfectly. Have all of them study the movements. Hope to see some improvements here


Dead End: I think this was my favorite of the night. This is the ghost house I have always wanted to see. Great effects, beautiful sets. great scares. Waited over an hour for this, and I was not disappointed. Bravo!


Streets: Barely saw anyone to make a judgement. Only one thing comes to mind so far: more actors should have been hired to pull off the magnitude that they wanted to do.

So, it was a good Horror Nights, not amazing. Kinda felt thrown together and there was no clear focus. Didn't get a chance to see Bill and Ted. It'll be interesting to see how things evolve.

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