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Curtain Call: The Upshaw Haunting


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This is an idea similar to Legendary Truth: The Wyandot Estate and a bit from Silver Screams, where a theater is the setting of the haunt instead of a traditional house. Most of the haunts will be prop/actor based, the props working as a distraction. It's still a work in progress, so if it's not scary enough, let me know what to tweak. I mainly need help with scare locations/ideas.

Name: Curtain Call: The Upshaw Haunting

Backstory: The Upshaw Opera House, built in 1912 by Vaudeville manager, Charles Upshaw, was a prestigious Vaudeville house in its day. However, several accidents over the years have turned this once shining love letter to the theater world into a nightmare. These deaths, including a vicious murder of the owner in the 40s, have left a bloody legacy to the Upshaw, which after being restored and turned operational again in the 70s, all Hell broke loose. There have been reports of poltergeist activity and possessions which have become more frequent in recent years. Finally the city decided to have this building torn down because the level of activity has left the current workers unable to put on a show.

You're invited to a backstage pass to the Upshaw to give it one final farewell before the final show that'll take place on stage. The question is, will the theater's final moments coincide with yours?


Facade: A turn-of-the-century looking opera house, with some visible wear on the marquee.

First room: The Lobby. Here is where the usher of the theater (Not The Usher, just a plain usher) welcomes you and wishes you good luck as you make it through. The room is filled with antique chairs, ornate pictures, as well as a box office,

Second room: The Prima-Donna room. This dressing room was reserved for the Upshaw's best actor, Gilda Duvall, who died after a spotlight fell on her and burnt her. Her room is filled with dead roses, a vanity mirror, along with tons of make-up, perfume bottles, a costume wardrobe/changing curtain.

Third room: The Playwright's office. This room has a couple of live actors, including the playwright himself. He's sitting at his typewriter, typing away in a hurry, until our first possession begins. He begins to type faster and finally grabs one of his creative consultants and sacrifices her before your eyes. The room is filled with books, candles/oil lamps, crumpled papers, etc.

Fourth room: The Prop room/workshop: This room has a bunch of various brik-a-brak scattered around, along with costume pieces and a work area for the prop maker. The room is the mandatory "scary doll" room as it has some mutilated/altered dolls.

Fifth room: The green room: The area where the actors rehearse/relax. There are mirrors on the wall, scripts on the floor/chairs, other props lying around, a piano for practicing musical numbers, etc.

Finale room (For now): The auditorium: This is where our final show takes place, and where most of the paranormal activity is said to occur (Outside of the possessions). The ghost of Upshaw is the one who chases guests out of the house.

This is just a rough idea of the house, as I'm actually doing this haunt for my college haunted house! So any all ideas/criticisms are wanted/needed. One thing I do need is another room or two, maybe separate the prop workshop/prop scenery room?

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