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Your Top Most Anticiapted Scare-Zones of 2012


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1. The Iniquitus

2. Dark Legions: Prisoners

3. Dark Legions: Beasts

4. Dark Legions: Warriors

5. Dark Legions: Walkers

6. Dark Legions: Traditionals

7. Dark Legions: Vampires

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  1. Walkers - #1 IF they're outside of TWD, if not, move them down a few notches
  2. Traditionals - Very intrigued by this one
  3. Prisoners - Chicks with Chainsaws...this should probably be number 1 :)
  4. The Iniquitus - No clue what to expect
  5. Beasts - If there are some kick ass costumes, I could see this moving way up
  6. Warriors - No real feelings on this one
  7. Vampires - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

1 - 3 I'm really looking forward to. #4 has me interested. 5 - 7 just sound like business as usual with different costumes.

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Because of the exhibit with the scareactors costumes and there won't be traveling walkers and be posted in the exit of their house here's my new standings

1. Dark Legions: Traditionals (I love the look of old fashion Halloween)

2. The Iniquitus (As said before they are the so called icons of the streets so hope they have a big impact)

3. Dark Legions: Vampires (yes just from the costume it increased from last to top 3 plus it isn't as bad as others lol)

4. Dark Legions: Beasts (the costume is okay not much i expect was expecting something larger than life creatures with an animal instinct not really a dark elf with his cloak)

5. Dark Legions: Prisoners (still like the concept of women CDT but the prisoner get up isn't really helping as it very bland so hope the actors are amazing and the makeup as well.)

6. Dark Legions: Warriors (the costume brought my care for this legion way down so I hope they have better designs and there scareactors dominate the role)

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