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Past House spoilers?

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Thanks to Dr. Jimmy's HHN History videos, I know some of the details of past houses. My first year was 2009 but I'm very interested in the events I missed. I have searched seemingly everywhere for house treatment-like descriptions chock full of spoilers and I can't seem to find many. So a couple questions:

*Are there any existing scene-by-scene descriptions out there in the interwebs?

*Is anybody able and willing to write them?

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just the other day I was kicking myself in the butt for not writing the houses,

I was trying to remember the houses in 2006 and i barely remember anything at all, I remember like 1 or 2 rooms from each house, I totally do not remember anything from People under the stairs or Psycho... :(

I would really really love if someone did that, but I think it is probably unlikely, even if someone tries now, there are a lot of details that people might not remember

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