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Halloween Horror Nights 22 (2012) Event Music

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^ Thank. God. So glad I can actually have a Gothic song on my HHN playlist now!

So, I take it you can confirm it on your end as well?


Anyone know where to download the track: Trapped in Ahjo Bar by Copykumo? I can't find it on AmazonMP3 or iTunes.

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If you have an internal audio recorder, you can rip the audio from this!

As far as Gothic goes, I am going back to HHN one more time on Thursday and I will confirm Reaper's find when I go back! I have alotta work ahead of me this Thursday as far as audio!

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I've got one for the Alice Cooper queue. It's one of my favorites by him, ever and it was playing on my way into the house on 9/30.

Be My Lover, on the Killer album.

Sigh. Yeah, had good times to this record.


Thanks Mae, I will update this list when the event ends with everything I have found! Stay tuned!

Last year someone posted a link to where we could download all the songs from HHN 12 all the way to 21. I downloaded them last year but will the same thing be available this year for 22? And if so and it's already out there what is the link?

That was Reaper who uploaded those collections. I have spoken with him off the boards and he is in the works now of a 22 collection which may be up sometime soon (maybe once the event shuts down) but IDK, Maybe he'll pop in here and give more feedback!

I found another song in the Silent Hill queue. The Boss from Book Of Memories soundtrack.

Thanks, dude! I have been doing some research on the queue audios from the houses and have been scouring the net for the sources, so far I have most of the Silent Hill Queue done, I am almost done with music in Penn & Teller, but Walking Dead is the one giving me issues since most of the music inside the queue and at the exit of the maze is all from Season's 1&2 scores, which have never been released or leaked! There have been 1:00 samples of most of the scores from S1 but these are not the completed versions and S2 has never seen the light of day yet!. I thank you again for your Silent Hill tag since I have that trailer used in the video and the music after that video was the source I was missing, Thanks again!

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Yeah I heard it too! Guys there is music and audio playing out front of HOH, it has trailers, audio tracks and music, we need to concentrate on it, since my last night was tonight! However I did do another full recording of bill and Ted! Lots to do!

The music outside is the same as the music inside but with different voice overs. So I think we're safe with what we have.

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Okay running into problems tagging or recognizing songs from Bill and Ted! Need Help! Here is a list of segements I cannot Tag!

*When the Myans do the ritual*

*Bill and Ted's Election/Erection argument*

*When Katniss comes out and talks about her district*

*Underliner music with Chris Brown, Bill, Men in Black and Rhianna skit*

*Guitar riff when they carry Brown backstage and Bill endorses the message*

*Music underliner in the whole Snookie and Ted skit*

*Music when Stacey Jax comes out*

*The princess judging ceremony*

*Honey Boo-Boo Child Intro and her Crazy Antics*

*Romney's Rap song*

*The rap battle ends and it says *Will be announced soon**

*The Avengers come out, I know the first piece is The Avengers from the score, but I am missing the piece after Ted comes out and aks them to vote, it jumps to another piece of music*

*Hulk attempts to rip off his shirt and the record scratches*

*Magic Mike's speech before the dance*

*Dick Clark Angel segment*

*Underliner music during Abraham Lincoln's speech*

If we can locate these, would be great......by the way here are some I tagged from my audio from last night!

Complete Control - The Clash -The Singles Album

Walk This Way - Run DMC featuring Aerosmith - Raising Hell Album

Wild Ones - FloRida - Wild Ones Album *Previous tag was wrong, this is the correct version of the song*

Yeah X3 - Chris Brown - F.A.M.E. Album

Never Gonna Give You Up - Barry White - The Best of Barry White Album

4 Ruffles and Flourishes and Hail to the Chief - United States Air Force Tactical Air Command Band - Ceremonial Music Album

N***a's in Break (Party Break Mix) - DJ Greg Killah - ????

Rap City - TYGA - Careless World: Rise of the Last King Album

The Avengers - Alan Silvestri - Avengers Assemble OST Album

What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction - Up All Night Album

Birthday Cake (Remix) - Rhianna featuring Busta Rhymes and Reek Da Villian - Talk That Talk Album

Weekend - Neon Trees - Picture Show Album

I will post the completed updated list this Thursday coming up when the event ends! I am compiling the list of finds from everyone, dont worry, we got this!

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I think I may have heard either of these tracks while going through Gothic. Can anyone help confirm this?

Hallowed Ruins by Nox Arcana (Winter's Knight album)

Gregorian Hymn by Nox Arcana (Winter's Knight album)

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Are we going to get an audio mix for this year? :) I'm looking forward to it!

Yes. Just trying to see if we can get at least something for Gothic, then the audio mix should be uploaded right after that.

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Okay running into problems tagging or recognizing songs from Bill and Ted! Need Help! Here is a list of segements I cannot Tag!

*Romney's Rap song*

*Dick Clark Angel segment*

I know that the tune Romney used during his rap battle is an instrumental version of "Fuck Wit Dre Day (and Everybody's Celebratin')" by Dr. Dre from his 1992 album, The Chronic.

and Dick Clark's music is Kiss's God Gave Rock and Roll To You from their 1992 album Revenge (the song was also part of the soundtrack for Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey).

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