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Ridiculously spoilery spoils

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Ahoy all -

I brought this up at the end of my final event review but the mods merged all my event reviews together into one thread and every one of them alone is tl;dr - the odds that anybody makes it to the end are really small. So I thought I'd post this as a new thread.

So far every year in the past there's been a thread on the forums wherein complete walkthroughs of the houses are given. Room by room, scene by scene, scare by scare. Is there any way we can do that here? I mentioned it in the Bloodengutz section of my review because for some reason as many times as I went through I didn't get to see nearly everything people were talking about.

Plus I learned on these forums that there was a Warcraft II strategy guide in the In-Between house, and that's the cool kinda stuff I really like to know!

So now that the event is over ... What do you all think? Anybody remember the houses well enough to give a room by room walkthrough? Anybody notice any cool Easter eggs? Or just notice something cool you'd like to share?

I'll start by throwing out one of my favorite little details I happened to notice that nobody else I talked to caught: in the collapsing buildings in Acid Assault, they had windows lit up (some of them blinking) and they were timed in sync with the destruction so that they went out when the rubble fell past that point. I thought that was cool:)

I don't have anywhere *near* a good enough memory to give a play by play of any of the houses... So I'm looking at you folks who went through some of them 40 times and such. What'd you see?

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