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Horror Nights 20 review


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I know this is a little late with Horror Nights 21 starting it just a little over 2 weeks but i wanted to put my review of Halloween Horror Nights: Twenty Years of Fear.


-Horror Nights: The Hallow'd Past --- 9/10

This was one of my favorite houses! Being the first house i walked through that night with early access which meant no wait, this house offered many good scares and a great look back at the past years! One of the most frightening scares i got that whole night was in this house was a guy with a chainsaw popped out from the side and attacked me. Oh, what an experience.

-Catacombs: Black Death Rising --- 10/10

My all time favorite house. So frightening, intense, and scary. Dont really know how else to explain it !

-Havoc: Dogs of War --- 8/10

Very good house. Offered good scares and i really liked the war theme to it and the facade was amazing ! but the house was a little to loud for my liking. I did exit that house with a headache but once it went away, i realized i really enjoyed the house.

-Orfanage: Ashes to Ashes --- 5/10

As much as i was excited for this house, i walked out of it feeling really disappointed. The theme for this house was great and the sets, props, etc were great too but the house was just way to short! Im glad we only waited 10 mins for it because anything over 20 minute wait, you would be wasting your time.

-Zombiegeddon --- 7/10

This house was really good! I loved the overall scare factor too it and the fast paced movement through the house. As much as it wasnt as scary as the Hallow'd Past or Catacombs, it still left me wanting more out of it which is good.

-Hades: The Gates of Ruin --- 7/10

This house was good as well. Really got some good scares out of it and i loved the sets! But something seemed to be missing.... not quite sure what it is.

-Psycoscarepy: Echoes of Shadybrook --- 6/10

Great themed house but the scare factor wasnt there for me. I could see every scary coming and when it did i wasnt surprised at all. I however, did love the jail cell hallway. Thought that was really cool! But overall this house wasnt anything special.

Legendary Truth: The Wyandot Estate --- 5/10

Probably the worst house for me. Not saying it was bad but it wasnt great either. I really didnt feel scared at all. If anything, i felt secure because i knew there was a ghost tracker team to save me if anything happened. haha. But i thought the facade was great and so where the sets but really..., nothing scary about this house.


-HHN: Twenty Years of Fear --- 8/10

Really fun scarezone with good props and characters. My only critisim is that it was to short. You had to go through it a few times to be able to see all the scareactors and get enough scares to satisfy your needs for that zone.

-Fear Revealed --- 4/10

Yes, i know it was more of a photo op kinda zone but they still could have added a few people to scare. One chainsaw guy didnt do it for me and plus he barley did anything when i walked through the few times that i did.

-Zombie Gras --- 7/10

Fun scarezone. Got scared a few times but again... to short.

-Saws and Steam --- 7/10

Nothing to great. Just a bunch of chainsaw people and a little show but when you go down the ally, thats when things start to get creepy. The steam covers your sight which was perfect for some good scares!

-The Coven --- 8/10

Really wasnt expecting much but nce i went through it , i got some good scares and the old witches were creepy!

-Esqueleto Muerte --- 7/10

Nothing to great. The glow in the dark was cool but it was really packed in that zone. I probably only got one scare out of the few times i went through. I still liked watching other people get scared though

FAVORITE HOUSE - Catacombs: Black Death Rising

FAVORITE SCAREZONE - HHN: Twenty Years of Fear

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