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As you wait outside, you see a pile of carnage in front of you. Lady Liberty’s head lies in the center, with claw marks all over her face. The sidewalk is torn apart, cars are smashed, flipped on their sides, and smoke (fog) all around you. You hear various sounds off in the distance, car alarms going off, police sirens, people screaming, and a loud echoing roar. You see a small bodega next to you, and you enter inside.




You then enter into a small room. The shelves have fallen over, and the windows can be seen slowly cracking open. As you walk past them, the windows explode (air and water), spraying glass on you. You run to the next room.



Brooklyn Bridge

You then enter on a large platform. Down below, you see the ocean waves moving (projection), as you hear people screaming from the bridge below. A helicopter light shines on you, distorentating you. Suddenly, Clover’s tail comes crashing down, nearly hitting you (puppet that’s about 15 feet long). As you are about to exit, the floor shakes, as you hear the bridge collapsing. You enter into the next room




You then enter into a narrow alleyway. Fire can be seen coming out of several building windows (projection), as you hear people screaming for help. As you walk past a destroyed store, a looter emerges from it with a crowbar in hand. He swings it towards you, as you back away from him. A civilian with a large bite wound on there neck will the lunge from behind a trash can, blood coming out of there eyes, as they beg for help. You enter into the next room.




You then enter into a massive area. All around you, you hear gunfire and yelling. From your right, you see a large tank with dust all over it. A soldier then emerges from near it, and fires into the smoke (fog) in front of you. As you enter into the smoke, Clover’s head emerges (puppet) and roars at you. You run to the next room.



You then enter into a dark tunnel. You can hear strange clicking and chattering around you, as you hear Hud yelling “Run, run, run, run, just run!!”as he emerges from the shadows. He has a parasite on his back, as he tries to shove it against the wall to get it off. As you are distracted by this, a parasite emerges from the shadows (blackout puppet) and tries to bite at you. You run to the next room.




You then enter into a large tent. Around you are various gurneys covered in blood, with a soldier’s body on one, his whole upper torso just in pieces. Next to him is the body of a parasite, yellow blood dripping out of it. As you are distracted by this, Marlena emerges from behind one sheet, a hazmat guy carrying her out. She vomits blood onto you (water), as she is pulled back. You then see her silhouette expand, then blood showers the curtain (projection). As you are about to exit the room, a hazmat guy sprays with some medicine (air), as you run to the next room.



Beth’s Apartment

You then enter back outside. In front of you is Beth’s collapsed apartment (forced perspective and downscaled), half of it leaning to the side. There’s another building next to it, still standing up. So, you enter into there.




You then enter into a large room. Around you is rubble and debris, as you realize you are hundreds of feet in the air (projection on side of wall). As you walk around, a parasite emerges from behind a pillar, as it tries to bite at you (puppet). You run to the next room.


Apartment Room

You then entered into Beth’s wrecked apartment room. Most of the furniture is gone or out of there place. To you right, you see Beth impaled by a piece of rebar (actor is under the floor). She reaches out to you for help. As you ignore her pleas, Clover’s head bursts in through the wall, roaring at you. You run to the next room.



You then enter back outside, as several destroyed buildings line the area. You hear a loud sound, and turn to your left. A tank emerges from the alleyway, as it fires at you (air and lighting), and almost runs you over. As you duck for cover, Clover’s foot then emerges from above, and almost stomps on you (puppet). In front of you is a helicopter, with a military soldier nearby. He ushers you in, telling you to evacuate right now, as you exit the room.



(Thank my friend for this room idea)

You then enter into a crammed room. You then realize that you’re actually inside the helicopter, as you hear the loud rotor above you. To your sides, you see Manhattan fly by, as you hear missiles go off (projection). As you are about to exit the room, Clover’s head crashes through the wall, as it roars at you. An alarm goes off, as you run to the next room.


Central Park

You then enter into an open room. To your left is a crashed helicopter, with some blood covering the exit, along with a trail nearby. Right next to you is Hud’s lifeless body, his torso ripped to shreds, and organs placed everywhere. As you walk by him, you hear a loud roar. Suddenly, Clover’s giant torso emerges from your right (25 foot puppet), and roars at you. As you run to the exit, a bright orange light fills the room, as an explosion is heard. You run outside, escaping the nightmare.

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