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Resident Evil 7


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Guest House

The building in front of you looks abandoned. Moss can be seen growing on the walls, and some of the wood has fallen away. In front of the house, you see a truck labeled “Sewer Gators” parked. Right next to the truck are Andre and Pete. They bicker to each other about the camera equipment, say how shady the house is, and basically just entertain guests in line. You enter inside.




You then enter inside of the house. The smell inside is awful, with the ceiling started to cave in. To your right is a staircase, and near it is a large pool of blood. On the blood is cut off hand, with a bottle of first aid near it. You walk past a cabinet with an antique coin, and enter into the next room.



Living Room

You then enter into a semi large room. Trash litters the area, with most of the furniture torn away. To your right is a tv,  playing the “Derelict House Footage” tape. You then enter into the next room by an open hole in the wall.




You then enter into a large open area, and it smells putrid. Trash bags litter the area, with suspicious red stains on them. A bloodied gurney lies in the center of the room. As you walk past a door, it bursts open revealing an infected Mia with a knife. She tries to swing it at you, as you run to the next room.




You then enter into a cramped hallway. You can hear the sounds of struggling from the walls, with occasional gunfire and both male and female screaming. As you walk past a door, it busts open revealing Mia with a chainsaw. You doge her swings, and run to the next room.




You then enter into another open room. Crates and mannequins can be seen around the area. A window above has been torn off, with a broken ladder nearby. An unconscious Mia lies on the floor, right next to a chainsaw. As you are about to exit the room, Jack bursts in from a door and lunges towards you. “Welcome to the family son!” he exclaims, as you run to the next room.


yizsy4vpQ0lCocZxgvk9ThAWji1kmhD3h96upoQInn1uW6bArBMYVkTdiZHu_8Ky0WGLwTcbtBsJBjT5u074OXHiisxI9hRSJAv-EPLaG4L5fa9vGZL-FFWLHnDNBfE38sqztH2rMain House

You then enter outside, and see a large house in front of you. Overgrown grass lay around the “garden”, with thunder heard cackling above. As you are about to enter the house, Jack comes out from behind the woods with a shovel, and swings it towards you. He laughs, as you run inside.



Dining Area

You then enter into a large dining room. In the center of the room is the dining table, with the family there. Margurie (dummy), Old Eveline (dummy), Jack (actor), Lucas (actor), and Ethan (actor) are both seen on their chairs. Lucas throws food at you and taunts at you, and Ethan tries to beg for help, with vomit drools around his mouth. Jack will lunge towards you, and tries to slash at you with a bloody knife. You run to the next room.




You then enter into a long hallway. Multiple family photos line the walls. As you walk into the middle of the room, Jack busts in through a wall with a shovel, and say “Hello there! How you been?” He then lunges to you, and you run to the next room.




You then enter into a large garage. To your left is the body of Deputy Anderson, with half of his head removed with a broken shovel near him. As you are distracted by the body, you hear a loud horn blaring, as you turn to your right. Ethan's car comes driving towards you with jack on the hood and ethan in the seat (both dummies). You run to the next room before impact.



Main Hall

You then enter into a huge room. It looks expensive for a hillbilly family. On top of the staircase, you see Old Eveline in her wheelchair (dummy), her eyes glaring at you. You enter into the next room.




You then enter into a room filled with mold. You can hear this mass moving in the walls, floors, and ceiling. As you walk in the middle of the room, a blended in Molded lunges towards you from a wall. It claws at you, as you run to the next room.



Boiler Room

You then enter into a large room. Steam (smoke) and a warm temperature fills the room, as a Molded immediately scares you from your left. As you run to the exit, another molded scares you from the right. You run to the next room.




You then enter into a massive room. Around you are body bags that are hung up with a meat hook, some of the blood is still fresh. As you walk, Ethan pops out from your left with a shotgun, and blasts it towards you (air and water). You turn to your right, and see Jack come out, and he has a pair of chainsaw shears. He slashes them to you, as you run to the next room.



You then enter into a slightly crammped room. Around you are various small bird cages with some items stuck in it. These include a steroids injector, some pills, a large first aid bottle, etc etc. You enter into the next room.




You then enter outside. Dead moss scatters the area, with the RV from before on your right. As you’re looking around, a four legged molded lunges from behind a tree, and bites at you (puppet). You run to the next room.


Old House

You then enter into a slightly narrow area. Small dolls line the fences on the walls, with most of them suffering from years of neglect. In front of you is a house with moldy doors in the center. You walk into the house.




You then enter into a large room. To your left, you see a large open hole, with pieces of wood blocking you from going to far (forced prespective). In front of it is Eveline (dummy), laughing silently. Suddenly, wasps emerge from a wall next to you, and try to sting at you (water/air). You run to the next room.




You then enter into another hallway. On the walls, you see centipedes and other creepy crawlies on the walls (projections). As you walk around, Margurite lunges from a door. She says “Stay the hell out!” before slamming the door. You run to the next room.




You then enter into another house. The floors aren’t as destroyed, but the smell here is rotten. It’s hard to describe, but it’s like dead flesh mixed with...honey? As you walk by a window, a long armed mutant Margurite bursts through the window (animatronic with air effect), and swipes at you. You run to the next room.




You then enter into a large open room. Hay and strange black vomit litter the floor. In front of you is a large open gate. As you walk past it, a large bloated Molded lunges from an open pillar, and vomits onto you (water in the mask). You run to the next room.



“Happy Birthday”

You then enter into a small room, and it’s covered in smoke (fog). As you walk around, you see a destroyed birthday cake, with a barrel near it. As you are about to exit the room, a burnt up Clancy emerges, and begs for help. You enter into the next room.





You then enter into a massive room. In the center of the room is a large mutant Jack, with his torso coming out of the floor (puppet). His tentacles reach out to you, as he roars into the sky. You run outside.




Wrecked Ship

You then enter into a large outdoor area. Wreckage litters you, as you see a large destroyed ship in front of you. Veiny like mold can be seen spreading around, as you enter inside.



Sleeping Quarters

You then enter into a small room. Around you are mold covered beds, with moldy tendrils crawling up the walls. Suddenly, an infected Alan lunges from behind one bed, and lurches in pain. He starts vomiting up mold, as you run to the next room.



You then enter into a long hallway. In front of you is Eveline, with wind blowing everywhere. She says “If he doesn’t want to be my daddy...then he can die.” Suddenly, a Molded bursts in from a door, as you run to your left and enter into the next room.



You then enter into a massive room. Mining equpiment and drills can be seen thoughout, as the room shakes and rumbles (ground shaker and dust above). As you walk around, several Molded pop out of several areas in the room, and try to attack at you. You run to the next room.


Final Battle

You then enter into a room covered in mold, and it’s growing bigger and bigger (hands behind the walls actor will push to make it “bulge”). A loud roar is heard, as a mutant Evelines head lunges from a wall (puppet). You run outside, out of the nightmare.

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