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HHN 16: All-Nite Die-In: Take 2


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  • 2 weeks later...

This was my first ever house at Halloween Horror Nights, so I can try to help out and remember what the scenes were like. From what I remember, you entered the house through the Director's room. It looked like just his office where he was editing his movies. I remember that I never actually saw the Director in his room, but from what I remember reading he was there sometimes, popping out to scare you.

I think there was a short transition room and you entered into Scream. You went into the house from the first movie through the garage where there was a body (Rose McGowan's character I think) stuck up in the door above you. Then you walked through the house with Ghostface popping out of closets and around corners at you. Next was The Ring. I've never seen the movie actually, so I don't know if it was a scene from the movie, but I remember being in a cellar like area with wells around you. There were a few strobes and dripping sounds were in the whole area. Samara's from the movie were in alcoves and I distinctly remember staring at one as she popped out for her scare and her seemingly disappearing as the strobes flashed.

Next was the scene from Hellraiser. I remember spinning columns of flesh and torture devices around the path. I'm pretty sure Pinhead popped out at a few places to scare you. Next was Silence of the Lambs. You walked through a hallway of jail cells with inmates in them. Most of them beat on their cell bars to distract, and once in awhile one would open the door and jump out at you. Hannibal was at the end with his trademark mask. The finale was a room of strobes flashing. Many of the monsters from the rest of the house were in this room attacking during the strobes until the end of the house.

I don't know if any of the scenes would work for a full house. Scream could possibly and maybe Hellraiser. Definitely not The Ring though. Hopefully that gives you a picture of the house. It's been awhile, so maybe others could help flesh out some details.

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Thanks man! We at the Hollywood event were pretty interested in Scream and Hellraiser coming at HHNH hence their movies coming out next year. I was just curious to see if they could translate into full mazes. Though I haven't seen Silence of the Lambs, maybe that could work as a full-fledged maze?

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Some minor corrections, as old a post as this is:

* You have the Scream scenes backwards. You entered into the kitchen from the opening scene (it was initially brightly lit, like the authentic film scene, but only a short time into the year they did as usual and darkened it) with Drew Barrymore's character panicking on the left and Ghostface emerging from a hallway on the right as you entered. You could also see her gutted boyfriend through the sliding glass door across the way. Then you entered into the garage, which had two or three more Ghostfaces and the dummy of Rose McGowan's body stuck in the door above your head. The kitchen of the first scene is where I believe they filmed the Storyteller's video from the website of the man putting his hand in the garbage disposal.

* The Ring scenes also included what I believe was a hospital hallway before the dark "well" portion.

* The Hellraiser scenes possibly included one or two of the other Cenobites as the main scares, with Pinhead himself on a raised platform as a distraction.

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