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Broken TV (Entrance)

The entrance will be a massive old-fashioned television. The screen has various cracks and tears on it, as it glitches and sputter every so often (projections). The screen will also play various intros from the cartoons (Invader Zim, Gravity Falls, Courage, etc). Occasionally though, the footage will change to a POV of someone walking through the empty haunt. They stop in one room, and you then hear heavy breathing. Suddenly, the person speeds up, now running away from this unseen entity. As he is about to make the exit, the camera is thrown against the wall, as you hear roaring and screaming...then silence. You then enter the haunt.

Music - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4YvkZeLrjs




You then enter into a trippy vortex area. The walls are painted with various cartoon faces, that’ll warp and distort as you keep walking. You hear faintly audible whispers of children talking, laughing and giggling. You then enter into the first Cartoon.


Joy (Amazing World Of Gumball)

You then enter into a large school hallway. To your left and right lie various lockers, some covered in...rainbow saliva. As you walk past one locker, a Joy Infected Gumball emerges from a locker, rainbow drool coming out from his mouth. As you walk past one of the school corridors, a Joy Infected Tina’s head emerges from it (puppet), as it sprays you with saliva (water). You run towards the next room.


Living Room (Invader Zim)

You then enter into a small living room. To your left is a pink couch, an armchair, a large television set, and a picture of a green monkey. In front of you is an entryway to the kitchen. As you walk towards it, you see the shadow (projection) of Keef holding a small box. Two mechanical arms then emerge from the box, and take his eyeballs! As you are shocked by this, Keef emerges from behind the corner, eyes removed as he screams for help. You run towards the next room.



Lab Class (Invader Zim)

You then enter into a large classroom. Various lab beakers and equipment liter the room. From around the room, you can hear a pigeon cooing. You try to find the source of the sound, but it seems to be everywhere in the room. As you walk past one table, an organ stuffed zim lunges out from behind it. He tries to grab at you, as various organs can be seen leaking from his mouth. You run to the next room.


Haunted House (Samurai Jack)

You then enter into a huge dining room. In the center of the room is a family, all convulsing and foam coming out of there mouth, as a large demonic smoke exits out of there mouth. Suddenly, strobe lights hit the room, as a humanoid version of the demon scares you into the next room.


Fry Shop (Steven Universe)

You then enter into a small kitchen area. In the room there’s a smell of freshly baked fries. In the center of the room is Frybo (dummy), as it holds several people with it’s fry tentacles (dummies and actors). The peoples faces are covered in fry grease, as some will try to reach out for you and beg for help. As you are about to exit away from the room, Frybo (actor) emerges from a hidden boohole in the wall and lunges towards you. You run to the next room.


Car Wash (Steven Universe)

You then enter into a large car wash. As you walk in the room, you smell wet fur. Every so often, cold water spray from the hoses on the walls. You hear meowing...and moaning. As you are about to exit, a Cat Steven (puppet) breaks through the wall and screeches loudly at you. You run to the next room.


Tunnels (Steven Universe)

You then enter into a large dark tunnel. The walls are covered in dirt, and the smell of earth fills the air. Around you, you hear muffled echoing screams. Slowly, you realize that the screams aren’t from one person...but multiple.Suddenly, a corrupted gem busts in through the wall (suit and break away wall). It claws and snarls at you, as you run to the next room.


Wasteland (Powerpuff Girls)

You then enter into a huge room. It seems to be a deserted town by the looks of things. Buildings have collapsed, trash litters the ground, and fire burns everywhere. In the center of the room, is Him floating in the air. He taunts at you, and gloats how the world is destroyed. As you are distracted by this, a horde of savage civilians attack you from behind an alleyway, saying how “You did this”. You run to the next room.


Med Ward (Adventure Time)

You then enter into a small hospital like room. The bed is empty, and a pile of pink goo lies on the floor next to it. For some reason, the faint smell of gum fills the air. Suddenly, flames (projections) erupt from the room, as the room gets insanely hot. A melting possessed Princess Bubblegum lunges from behind the bed and claws at you, as you leave the room.


Sewers (Adventure Time)

You then enter into a huge room. The smell of urine and feces fill the air. All around the rooms are multiple of the candy kingdom civilians hung up with some form of grease. As you walk past some, they will reach their hands out to you, begging for help. As you are exiting the room, a humanoid Deer emerges from a hidden door, and tries to grab at you. You run to the next room.


Underground Bunker (Gravity Falls)

You then enter into another underground area. Around the room are various tables with lab equipment, and journal 3. The book is seen opened, with a page showing a strange humanoid being labeled “The Shapeshifter” with the words “Do not let out!” right next to it. You then hear scurrying from your left, and turn around. The shapeshifters form of Dipper and Mabel emerges from behind a wall (puppet), and roars at you. You run to the next room.


Northwest Mansion (Gravity Falls)

You then enter into a large mansion room. From the walls are various bleeding heads from the mounted heads on the walls. All of them can be seen chanting some verse, as blood sprays from there mouths onto you (water). As you are distracted by this, a skeleton like being emerges from under the fire, and tries to claw at you (puppet). You run to the next room.


Bills Lair (Gravity Falls)

You then enter into a massive room. From around the room are the frozen statues of the Gravity Falls civilians. As you walk past several, some will lunge towards you. Whilst you walk through  the room, you can hear Bill taunting you from everywhere. Suddenly, the 3-Dimensional Bill lunges from a wall and tries to grab at you. You run to the next room.



Hallway (Courage The Cowardly Dog)

You then enter into a small hallway lined with doors. Through some closed doors, you can hear...music. To your left is an open door. The room is mostly empty, besides a chair. Sitting on the chair is a young girl playing a violin. Expecting a scare from her, you slowly back away from her. However from the other door, the Violin Girl emerges from it, her face twisted and skinless and screams at you. You run to the next room.


Bathroom (Courage The Cowardly Dog)

You then enter into a small bathroom. On the floor, are various strands of pink hair, all clustered together into a pile. In the room, you hear a buzzing sound echoing from around the room. Suddenly, Freaky Fred emerges from behind the shower curtain, and tries to slash at you with his razor. You run to the next room.


Field (Courage The Cowardly Dog)

You then enter into a large outdoor room. There’s not much out here...besides King Ramses in the center of the room. He doesn’t do much, just wave his arms around as he says “Return the slab, or suffer my curse”. You look to your right, and see the farmhouse being torn open by locust (projection). As you are distracted by this, Ramses lunges towards you, as you runt to the next room.


The Void (Courage The Cowardly Dog)

You then enter into...a black room. There’s nothing in the room besides darkness...and this thing. It’s a strange blue thing (giant puppet). It has a human like face, and has a strange antenna like thing on its head. It simply stares at you, and just whispers “You’re not perfect…” No scares, nothing. You exit the room.


Tv Static

You now enter into the final room, a room filled with static (Projection mapping). As the white noise fills the air, you can hear the childlike whispers from before, but louder than before. From various hidden areas in the room, some of the characters from before will scare (Fred. Deer, Bill, and a Corrupted Gem). You run to the exit, ending the nightmare.

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