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Found 6 results

  1. So I found an archived version of the 2006 website. If your curious you can also see the Hollywood website, just click the link and you can see them both http://websites.horrornights.be/2006site_After/index.php
  2. Could some do a review of sweet 16. I really wanted to go but had no ride this year. =/ If someone has time could they write a review for it? Thank you so much!
  3. I know this maze took you through scenes of Hellraiser, Scream, the Ring, and Silence of the Lambs, but can anybody tell me what it was like and what specifically were in those rooms? Would any of those scenes fare out well for a full-fledged maze?
  4. Ok soooo I've been to many hhn's and im just curious as to what yall thought about the scarezones in sweet 16? there were 2 good ones and other than that the streets sucked???? what ya think?
  5. Good ol' Sweet 16!!! This was my first year attending the event, and I personally think it was a good one to start with since it basically summerized many of the best of moments from HHNs past. I remember the first time I walked through the gates and the fog and sweet sounds of the MS hit me, and I realized this is NOT the Universal I go to during daylight hours, and I loved it instantly!!! I'll never forget the first time I saw the arrival show, and saw Jack the clown mercilessly frappe some poor kid in a giant blender, or the caretaker performing an autopsy on a living person. The event rekindled my love for Halloween, and helped me see it wasn't "just for kids", I knew I was to be a fan of HHN for life, and I wondered to myself how I could have gone so long without experiencing it.... My most memorable house was scareapy, I'll never forget the rancid odor in the bathroom, or the strobe effect. My fav scarezone was definately Deadtropolis, I really felt the urgancy, and the zombies blended in so well the scares never stopped coming!!
  6. Does someone have the Icons vid from the Sweet 16 website, the one with the crazy guy behind the projector. I'm looking for it cause i want to use it for a vid i have planned to use. please i don't know how to get it else
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