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  1. Hey, if anyone were to complain about him being a funny guy, they can just eat my teets.
  2. You know, with a little bit of effort, I think he could easily ave carried the event. He's a Hell of a lot more interesting than luck.
  3. This. Do not give a damn about whether or not any of the houses have roofs.
  4. I should probably spend more time here. Unfortunately, I have a tendency not to linger in areas where chainsaws are about.
  5. Okay now I'm curios: was it a regular girl or an actor? Because I really hope it's the latter.
  6. I feel bad for the ghouls who work in here. When I was standing in line for one of the houses (Either Forsaken or In between, I can't remember which) I saw the cast leaving for a shift change. A few of them looked pretty disoriented, and the cast member escorting them specifically told a couple of guests trying to get a photo op to leave them alone, as they were having a hard enough time seeing as it was.
  7. Simple solution: Bring the ladies down from their perches, have them act friendly towards male patrons, then while they're preoccupied, let the girls' masked counterparts do their thing. The diversion could also net some annoyed spouses and lady friends.
  8. I actually had a lot of fun in here, due to the high number of scares I saw the actors getting. Apparently they perform really well when I'm watching them, but not when anyone else is
  9. ^ Huh, didn't even know they were making a game adaptation. Was the demo any good? ^
  10. Fun Fact: When I walk into the Raven Room, I immediately think that I'm back in Catacombs.
  11. I don't know, I got a couple of good ones in there. Though admittedly, much of my positive opinion of this house is derived from it's sheer coolness factor.
  12. Okay...I'd have been a little worried if I had gone on two separate evenings and managed to not notice a pack of roving chainsaws.
  13. Ah, I never actually noticed what the actor who popped out of there was wearing, on account of me being face-to-face with a severed Poe head.
  14. Game? You mean the one that was released back in 2002?
  15. The queue video is actually what I was referring to, though now that you mention it, the videos that appears inside the house before a given room seem to differ from the queue video, seem to give a more detailed description of whatever movie we're supposed to be in, and don't feature HR Puffinstuff torturing his producer.
  16. Eh. Makes about as much sense as the popper sticks they used to have. I seem to keep ending up in line behind people with HNN t-shirts. I keep wanting to say hi but then never do.
  17. Wait, there's a chainsaw gang? Where?
  18. Especially given how close it is to Acid Assault. The chainsaws and industrial rock kind of bleed over. I wish they'd give the pretty lucks more to do. When I'd go through they all just kind of looked bored, maybe a little annoyed. Though I do appreciate the fact that any one of them is better looking than the actress in the TV spot. Did not care for her...
  19. I don't remember this house being nearly as good as everyone makes it seem...guess I'll have to try again.
  20. I would guess the Tell-Tale Heart, just because if I remember correctly, that's the scene that comes immediately before...and it's the only Poe story off the top of my head that involves total-body dismemberment. If not that, then...random boo-hole?
  21. Easily my favorite scarezone. I love how ell the costumes work here, given how they're pretty much the simplest design you could possibly come up with. I also like how it feels less like a scarezone and more like a mini-maze. Just goes to show that sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.
  22. This one didn't really do it for me. It looks plenty cool, and it's very atmospheric and such, but the scares just don't pack a punch at all.
  23. After hanging out in there for a while on Friday I noticed something weird. The ravens were easily the most effective when it came to getting scares, but not because they were particularly aggressive or good at hiding. Rather, their strategy seemed to consist of standing out in the open, spotting a good target, walking straight up to them, and stopping dead in the person's path. And it would work. Time and time again it would work. What the Hell did I just see?
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