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  1. Best moment in this house, looking up where the dead horse is, where I know an actress will be, and seeing her from behind, chilling out, drinking a coke.
  2. I haven't seen the movie yet, but having seen John Carpenter's version, I can say that they don't show a whole lot that I couldn't have probably guessed myself.
  3. Really? I haven't seen any yet. Just have to get lucky, I guess.
  4. Damn, this zone really does not work on a crowded night. It just degenerates into a massive clusterfuck. Atmosphere=gone.
  5. I actually like this house even more when it's still bright out. That way, everything is pitch black except for the lasers and the monsters. Much more disorienting.
  6. Well, if any of us did get a copy I'm sure it would make it's way to youtube soon enough.
  7. We had a short conversation about the button on his throne but nothing particularly quotable. I jut asked what it does and he said "Oh it just makes noises", and pressed it a few times until he got one he seemed to be satisfied with. Since you're not in it fr them money, can I have a copy of the completed template when it's finished? One of my friends may have an old screenprinter in his garage, so if I can save myself some change by making it myself, I'd like to. When the event is over I might try emailing Uni asking for a personal copy. I know that in the past Disney has sent out extra copies of promo materials and old TV specials to people who ask, so it's worth a try.
  8. They even seem to latch around their victim's throats like the tingler did. Well, not latch so much as assimilate, but close enough.
  9. Went through on Thursday at night, so this time I could actually see the set design. It was all very Gothic and atmospheric, which I really like. Kind of felt like I was on the set of a Hammer film or something.
  10. On Thursday I went through and actually got to see the decor you've all been raving about, and I have to say that it is pretty cash. I also went through the house throwing up a V sign at every ghoul I saw (I never bought a vault shirt), but I guess I missed you, because none of them responded. I just felt silly for sticking a peace sign in the face of every ghoul who got near me...
  11. Just curious, but are we in Hell Week right now? I only ask because when I was there on Thursday, the crowds were surprisingly big, the smell of vomit was everywhere (pretty sure I stepped in some, too), the bros were particularly drunk and one of the bathrooms was just flooded with urine.
  12. Funny thing about the Arbor day chick. Last time I went through, I was in front of sme people who wondered aloud what holiday they were supposed to be in. I guess she could hear them, because she lunged at them and scared them by screaming "AAAAAARBOR DAY!" Kind of made me think of "Silent Night Deadly Night 2, if you know what I'm talking about.
  13. Well of course it's going to be dumb as Hell. I'm just hoping that it will be brainlessly fun.
  14. I don't like it on principle, mostly. If I remember the John Carpenter version as well as I like to think I do, the thing never appeared n it's true form, only via the various things it had assimilated. That was something about the JC version I liked. Also as I said, and as bmoz628 noticed as well, one of it's "pure" forms looks exactly like the tingler, which is more amusing than frightening.
  15. I really don't like that. And if that ends up in the movie (probably will) I'm going to be pretty disappointed.
  16. I caught it entirely by accident. Though the only reason I noticed is because I got some of the poor guy's "blood" on my shirt.
  17. I'm almost certain I've seen people wearing personalized HHN shirts, so if you just make one for yourself, and maybe a couple of others for friends/family, I can't imagine you getting in trouble. Assuming Uni actually noticed it (unlikely) the worst they might do is send you a letter asking you to stop. Though to even do that seems unlikely.
  18. This is...huh, wow. That looks several kinds of crazy. Hopefully it will make for a decent popcorn flick.
  19. See your breath? I only went through once, but I don't remember it being anywhere near that cold.
  20. I don't know how to make it levitate above my head...
  21. Beg to differ. I've never had a problem seeing him. In fact, he usually seems to come right to me. It's a very convenient arrangement. And I never even noticed that there was no ceiling where one would normally be.
  22. I thought it was strange that the Hollywood house is actually named The Thing: Assimilation. Also, if you notice, on the back of one of this year's shirts it actually lists Assimilation as well. Maybe they were going to go with that name originally, but remembered at the last minute that they'd already used it. On an unrelated note: am I the only one who thinks that this version of the thing (creature) looks a lot like the tingler?
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